Taylor Swift & Me: Separated At Birth?


I’ve been a fan of Taylor Swift far longer than it’s been cool to be one. I was there for the country era, Love Story, Fearless and the Red album. And this week, I got to thinking about how alike we actually are. Don’t believe me? Apart from our shared love of a white top, here are ten reasons why Taylor & I would be surefire best buddies…
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Taylor Swift – Fearless


America loves a bit of country and right now there’s nobody bigger in the Stetson stratosphere than Taylor Swift. Only 19, the all-American girl has sold a squillion albums in her native land filled with tales of girls meeting boys, kissing them in the rain and falling in love. She writes her own material, sings it with silky vocals and has enough songs on her new album that could easily be played over a montage of angst in the The O.C. – what more do you need?

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