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Before You Say I Do Summer Discount!

My best-selling romance is on sale in the UK, Oz & India!

If you’re in the UK, Before You Say I Do is currently part of the Kindle Monthly Deal, available for the bargain-tastic price of 99p! This book, which asks the question ‘what if you fall for your bridesmaid?’, has already out-sold any of my previous books after just four months on sale. I know. See what all the fuss is about by getting it today. Just 99p in the UK, $1.49 in Australia and 29 rupees in India. Click here for more!

Best Sellers

Before You Say I Do
Forbidden love + desire? Step this way.
You're My Kind
You're My Kind
Second-chance romance with a lot of cake.
London Calling
Like The L Word, but in London. With beer.
Nothing To Lose
Heart-warming tale of love & redemption.

The Lesbian Book Club Podcast

Tune into my Summer Special with 8 guest authors!

This month’s podcast is a Summer Special, featuring eight lesbian fiction authors. I quiz them on how 2020 is going (it’s a BIG question), how their writing plans are faring, what they’ve learned, where they’d like to be right now if travel was an option, and ask what are their publishing plans and hopes for the rest of the year. The authors answering the questions are: Eliza Lentzski, Clare Ashton, Jae, Wendy Hudson, Giselle Fox, KJ, Cheyenne Blue & Lise Gold.

Tune in to this and much more on The Lesbian Book Club podcast, including a run-down of the lesbian fiction charts as well as what I’ve been up to. Listen now!

All I Want Series Rebranded!

Go make heart eyes at their pretty new covers

Have you immersed yourself in the story of Tori & Holly yet? If not, there’s never been a better time to do so, with the six-part tale of one couple’s lesbian romance now completely rebranded and looking good enough to eat. Read along and experience the highs and lows of brand-new love. Smile at the intensity! Grin at the humour! Watch the missteps through your fingertips! If you’ve wondered about taking the Tori & Holly plunge, dive in today…