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Change Of Heart: Out Now!

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The wait is finally over! My latest lesbian romance, Change Of Heart, is out and ready for you to sink into. If you like fake relationships, damsels, drams and drama galore, you’re in the right place. This book will make you think, as well as giving you a romance for the ages, and a first kiss to stop you in your tracks. But don’t take my word for it. Read it for yourself!



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Change Of Heart
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Step back in time to the 1950s!
Nothing To Lose
Heart-warming tale of love & redemption.

Third German Translation Released!

Biete Hoffnung, Suche GlΓΌck out now...

My fourth novel, Nothing To Lose, is a perennial favourite in my back catalogue. It’s a tale of overcoming the odds, finding love in a hopeless place, and ultimately, a story of hope, redemption and a community coming together as one. It’s now been translated into German, its new title being Biete Hoffnung, Suche Gluck. If you like to read your books in German, I hope you give it a try. I simply love having my books in German and I can’t wait to hold it in my hands!


My London Tourist Guide!

Coming to the capital? Don't forget this...

I like to think my London Romance series has inspired trips to my home city, and readers often write to tell me it has. They also often ask what they should do in London when they come. So much so, I decided to write a blog about it! If you’re coming to London, here’s my list of the top ten things you should do. All of them are brilliant, and if you get through them, do let me know what you thought.