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Best Lesbian Christmas Gifts!

Ensure smiles on December 25th...

Christmas time, mistletoe and wine. And while I wholly condone kissing while under the influence of hot, gluey grog, I also applaud the art of buying the perfect gift. If you’re stuck for a present for the one you love – or just the lesbian/book lover in your life – I have the solution!

Ten solid-gold gifts guaranteed to earn you brownie points on Christmas morning. Thinks books, bags, pens, headphones, coffee, and even Jeanette Winterson. Although, granted, she might be a little harder to wrap.

Ready to get your lesbian shopping style on? Click here and let’s go!


Best Sellers

You're My Kind
You're My Kind
Second-chance romance with all the feels.
London Calling
Like The L Word, but in London. With beer.
Nothing To Lose
Heart-warming tale of love & redemption.
All I Want For Christmas
All I Want For Christmas
Laugh-out-loud festive rom-com.

Lesbians Who Write

Have you listened yet?

Have you heard about the podcast I co-host with TB Markinson? It’s called Lesbians Who Write, and it’s about… well… lesbians who write. We didn’t want to be cryptic.

Join us every week as we discuss what it is to be full-time indie authors in 2019, drawing back the curtain on the writers’ life. So far we’ve discussed writing sex scenes, self-doubt, our revision process, what we love and hate about lesbian romance and why we write. If you fancy a dose of snark, wit and writerly wisdom every Monday, find out more and subscribe on your podcast app by heading over to

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London Tourist Guide

Capital Must-Dos!

I like to think my London Romance Series has inspired many trips to my home city of London, and readers often tell me it has. Many also ask what they should do when they come to visit the capital.

To answer this question, I decided to write a London Tourist Guide, taking in spots mentioned in my books. Follow it, and you too can walk in the footsteps of Jess & Lucy, Kate & Meg, Tanya & Sophie, Alice & Rachel, Cleo & Becca, Heidi & Eden. If you’re coming to London, here’s my list of the top ten things you should do. All of them are brilliant, and if you get through them, do let me know what you thought.