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Made In London Out Now

Are you a fan of my London Romance series? If you are, get excited, because book six is out now! Made In London is a romantic comedy telling the topsy-turvy tale of Heidi & Eden. If you hanker after a love story with humour, mishaps, chocolate spread and cute kids, this one is for you. But don’t just trust me – readers are already weighing in and letting me know how much they love this latest addition to my ever-popular series:

“Clare Lydon’s books should be available on the NHS. The perfect cure for depression!”

“My favourite book of the series so far!”

Great realistic story and characters coupled with humour and wit.

I can’t wait for you to give me your verdict on this story – it’s one I’m particularly fond of.  Hop over to the book page to read more and find the links to buy.

Made in London

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You're My Kind
You're My Kind
Second-chance romance with all the feels.
London Calling
Like The L Word, but in London. With beer.
Nothing To Lose
Heart-warming tale of love & redemption.
All I Want For Christmas
All I Want For Christmas
Laugh-out-loud festive rom-com.

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Stuck For A Christmas Gift?

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Well, it is if you celebrate Christmas and love a Hallmark Christmas movie. (Me!) If you don’t, you might be a little peeved at all the twinkly lights and eggnog sloshing down the streets. But whichever camp you fall in, a universal truth is that one of my books can cut through the noise, keep you entertained and leave you feeling better than before.

So if your stocking – or a stocking of someone you love – has a space in it, why not order a signed copy of one of my books for a guaranteed smile on Christmas morning? To secure your signed book, email me at

London Tourist Guide

Capital Must-Dos!

I like to think my London Romance Series has inspired many trips to my home city of London, and readers often tell me it has. Many also ask what they should do when they come to visit the capital.

To answer this question, I decided to write a London Tourist Guide, taking in spots mentioned in my books. Follow it, and you too can walk in the footsteps of Jess & Lucy, Kate & Meg, Tanya & Sophie, Alice & Rachel, Cleo & Becca, Heidi & Eden. If you’re coming to London, here’s my list of the top ten things you should do. All of them are brilliant, and if you get through them, do let me know what you thought.