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Clare Lydon

Before You Say I Do: Coming March 10th!

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My brand-new lesbian romance, Before You Say I Do, is due out on March 10th. Woohoo! It’s got love, drama, superyachts, bad golf and no end of one liners. The question is, will Abby Porter make it to the altar?

Here’s what the back cover says…

Abby Porter has a high-flying job and the perfect fiancé in Marcus Montgomery.

But Abby’s world turns on its head when he hires a professional bridesmaid to help her in the run-up to the wedding. When Abby meets Jordan, stars collide.

Marcus is oblivious.

The wedding is days away.

Now, the only question is: will Abby make it to the altar?

Best-selling author Clare Lydon brings you a love story to top them all.

Read the first chapter now!

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Writing Books In A Series

Top Tips To Consider...

I’ve written books in three series: solo, I’ve done the London Romance series and the All I Want series. Jointly, I’ve written in the Village Romance series. So I know a thing or two about writing books in the same universe.

It’s all about being consistent with titles & covers, having great stories and characters, and most of all, compelling books that make readers want to come back for more.

Here are my top tips if you want to write in a series…

The Lesbian Book Club Podcast

This month, I interview US author Max Ellendale...

You might know her from one of her 20 novels she’s written so far, including the Four Point Trilogy, Hart & Stocker and the iconic Rabbit. Max shares her writing process (“I know what my characters have in their fridge”), how she got started writing books and what she’s got planned for 2020.

Tune in to this and much more on The Lesbian Book Club podcast, my monthly chat with an author, as well as running down the lesbian fiction charts. Listen now!