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London Ever After: Out Now!

Step inside the world of Cordy & Hannah...

The wait is finally over! My latest lesbian romance release is out at last. Sound the trumpets and toot your horns for London Ever After, the final book in the London Romance series! This one is the perfect slice of London sapphic life featuring salt-beef bagels, drag kings, Deliveroo, and cheap wine drunk on balconies after midnight. Plus, it’s stuffed with heat, heart & humour. Are you ready for the final chapter of the London Romance series?

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What Can Football Teach Authors?

Writing Lessons From The Women's World Cup...

The Women’s World Cup was a fantastic tournament played out by the ultimate creatives. I wondered what we can learn as authors from the fabulous four weeks of entertainment? It turns out, quite a lot…

My Goals For 2024!

Read all about them…

I’ve made lofty goals before and not met them, but this year, I’ve scaled back a little. Somewhat. Maybe. But there’s still a lot to do. Some big: build a new online store. Some small: go on a weekend break. In the midst of it all, I’m also speaking at the London Book Fair, writing three novels and celebrating my ten-year anniversary as an author. 2024 is set to be a barnstorming year. I can’t wait to get going…