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Clare Lydon

My Goals For 2022!

Twelve fresh months? Let's do this!

2021 was a bit extra, wasn’t it? Which is why I’m hoping this year will be a bit calmer. More serene. But I’m also well aware we could be heading for another clusterfuck! But lists need to be made, so I did just that. How many books, audiobooks and translations am I planning to write and publish this year? What else am I planning on for the upcoming 12 months? Click to read my goals now!


Best Sellers

Change Of Heart
Fauxmance with a delicious twist!
Christmas In Mistletoe
Sapphic love in the snow!
Before You Say I Do
Forbidden love + desire? Right this way.
Big London Dreams
Step back in time to the 1950s!

The Lesbian Book Club Podcast!

The final episode is up now...

I’ve been hosting The Lesbian Book Club podcast for the past six years and I’ve recorded 73 episodes in that time. But this month, I’m hanging up my microphone and ending this podcast for good. It’s been a fantastic journey and I’ve loved every minute, and I hope I’ve entertained you, too! I’m signing off with my usual chart round-up, a focus on festive lesbian romance, and my take on this year and next. Join me one final time!



Lesbian Romance: The Rules

If you want to write a kick-ass romance, you need six key scenes...

Like all genre fiction books, lesbian romance has a formula you must follow. No eye rolling at the back! Every romance needs six key scenes on the page, otherwise readers will feel cheated or confused. Want to know what these half dozen scenes are so you can nail your novel? Read on!