Book Recs

People often ask me what my favourite books are. Here are some lesfic favs of mine, along with a few memoir, general fiction & writing books. I hope you enjoy!

Current Read

  • One Last Stop

    One Last Stop

    by Casey McQuiston
    One Last Stop is a fantastic, astonishing, completely bonkers read. It's got magical realism & time travel, but beyond that, it's a warm, funny, crazily touching tale of that time in your twenties when you're finding your place in the world, your chosen family, and your first love. August and Jane are two heroines that will stay with you long after you finish. I didn't want it to end. I want to move to New York and work in a pancake house. McQuiston crushed this, and I fell head over heels.

Lesbian/Bi/Queer Fiction

  • And Playing The Role Of Herself

    And Playing The Role Of Herself

    by KE Lane
    And Playing The Role Of Herself can be summed up in four words: terrible cover, brilliant book. My all-time favourite lesfic novel, it’s romantic, sexy and chock-full of Hollywood dazzle. Plus, the audiobook adds a whole new level of emotion.
  • The Seven Husbands Of Evelyn Hugo

    The Seven Husbands Of Evelyn Hugo

    by Taylor Jenkins-Reid
    This book is quite simply one of the best I've ever read. Heart-breaking and sensual, it depicts a Hollywood machine that will eat you up and spit you out, not leaving any space for who you truly are. In Evelyn Hugo's case, she was a woman in love with another woman, but she covered it up with a string of marriages to men. This book sees her bearing all as she approaches death, finally wanting to tell the truth. The story is richly told, the characters jump off the page, and the forbidden love will scorch your soul. I've still got a book hangover.
  • Cow Girl

    Cow Girl

    by Kirsty Eyre
    Mainstream publishers are finally realising that lesbian fiction has an audience, and this book is a brilliant example of a classic rom-com with a lesbian lead. Think Sophie Kinsella, but with added rainbow sparkles. Bursting with 3D characters, it's both touching & funny, stamped through with British wit and heart. A lesbian fiction novel that will make you fall in love with cows? It's the book you never knew you needed.
  • Night Tide

    Night Tide

    by Anna Burke
    Anna Burke is an author who gets plenty of plaudits, but she's always written in genres that haven't floated my boat. However, in the past year, she's released her first two romances, and now I'm totally on-board! The writing in this small-town romance is exquisite, and the depth of emotion pulses from the pages. It features a group of friends you want to be part of, plus lashings of craft beer and coffee. This is enemies to lovers on steroids. Plus, the dialogue is *chef's kiss*.
  • In At The Deep End

    In At The Deep End

    by Kate Davies
    It's not often a novel makes me stay up all night and wish it would never end. This book did just that. In At The Deep End is an updated Bridget Jones with a lesbian lead, a tale of real-life queer London. It'll make you laugh, tense up and hide behind your hands. Plus it includes enough fisting to make your eyes water. I can't recommend it highly enough.
  • Mutual Benefits

    Mutual Benefits

    by HP Munro
    In HP Munro's latest hilarious romance, she dusts off the fake relationship trope. However, there's a twist: leading lady Hannah believes she's straight and is faking being gay to appease her parents. That old chestnut. Not only are the two leads Hannah and Ashley adorable, the supporting cast of family and friends are superb, too. Bringing to life a multitude of characters is what HP does best. This romance is spilling over with smarts, witty dialogue & laugh-out-loud moments. You'd be a fool not to read it!
  • The Secret Of You And Me

    The Secret Of You And Me

    by Melissa Lenhardt
    No, you're not seeing things - Mills & Boon have just published their first ever lesbian romance. So what's it like? Pretty darn good. The Secret Of You And Me kept me gripped from first page to last, and I stayed up so late reading it, I was useless the next day. A second-chance romance, it's got heart, soul, and everything in between. Read it!
  • Curious Wine

    Curious Wine

    by Katherine V Forrest
    Set in a cabin in the woods, this is the story of two women coming together in a time when being gay really was the love that dare not speak its name. Widely touted as the first true lesbian romance novel, it still stands up nearly 40 years later and has sold 100,000 copies in its lifetime. Erotic, remarkable and beautiful, it's a book that should be read by every queer woman alive. Clear your schedule and enjoy!
  • Those Who Wait

    Those Who Wait

    by Haley Cass
    I resisted reading this for ages because of its length, clocking in at 180k words. If you're doing the same, get over it. This is the stand-up-and-applaud story of Sutton and Charlotte, both immersed in the political world, both resisting their feelings to the end. It's got drama, feels, romance & raunch. It will pull you in and leave you breathless. It reminded me of And Playing The Role of Herself. There is no greater compliment.
  • The Split

    The Split

    by Laura Kay
    If ever there was a book that summed up the soul-crushing experience of getting dumped and being made homeless in your 20s, The Split is it. That it's a sparkling British rom-com into the bargain makes it irresistible. This is a novel about finding your feet & yourself, along with importance of friendship and family. Plus, it'll teach you how to kidnap a cat, and not every book can say that, can it?
  • Just Juliet

    Just Juliet

    by Charlotte Reagan
    A perfect YA novel that deals with one teenage girl’s coming out. It’s fun, hopeful and will keep you on the edge of your seat hoping for a happy ending. It's also the book I wish I'd read when I was 17.
  • All the Little Moments

    All the Little Moments

    by G Benson
    This book will make you cry. There, I said it. It features cute kids, an adorable leading couple and so much emotion packed into its pages it’ll leave you in a heap. Plus, it introduced me to the term “eye-fucking”. Still unsure how I feel.
  • XX


    by Angela Chadwick
    XX is the story of Jules and Rosie, and their dream to have a baby. When scientists put them on a trial to do so without the aid of a man, a baby that’s a mix of both of them, all hell breaks loose. Compelling, topical and emotional, this is a story that covers so much ground, yet retains its heart & humanity.
  • Don’t Call Me Hero

    Don’t Call Me Hero

    by Eliza Lentzski
    If you're after an ice queen-meets-military cocktail, served with extra salt on the rim, this is the perfect book for you. It’s a story that engages, and one that will stay with you long after you close the final page. She's also recently written another must-read - The Woman In 3B.
  • The Price Of Salt

    The Price Of Salt

    by Patricia Highsmith
    The Price Of Salt (now renamed Carol after the smash-hit film) has been on my list to read for 654 years (approx). It's terrific by any standards, but when you factor in it was written in 1952, it becomes exceptional. Great prose, spellbinding story and a coming of age that neither protagonist will ever forget. Read it today.
  • Damn Straight

    Damn Straight

    by Elizabeth Sims
    I'll let you in on a secret: I don't read many crime-thrillers. However, if they're all like this, I might start reading more. Damn Straight is a novel full of smarts, witty dialogue and plot twists that kept me on the edge of my seat. Add in a golf tournament, lesbian jokes galore, a hapless but well-meaning heroine and some awesome side characters, and you have a hole in one.
  • Patience & Sarah

    Patience & Sarah

    by Isabel Miller
    This is historical lesfic at its finest. Written in the late 1960s and sold on street corners, Patience & Sarah was a word-of-mouth hit, and keeps hitting all these years later. Listen to the audiobook for added wow. Janis Ian's narration is spellbinding.
  • Venus Envy

    Venus Envy

    by Rita Mae Brown
    Venus Envy is a step on from the classic Rubyfruit Jungle (also brilliant). This book is the story of a woman who gets a wrong terminal cancer diagnosis, comes out, then learns she's fine and has to deal with the fallout. Hilarious, tender & true, it's Brown all over.
  • Fireflies


    by Lise Gold
    Fireflies is a tale of airplanes and recovering alcoholics, set amidst the heat of Dubai. Real, honest and unflinching in its portrayal of the struggle to stay sober, it's refreshingly different and one of my surprise picks of 2018.
  • Mrs Martin's Incomparable Adventures

    Mrs Martin's Incomparable Adventures

    by Courtney Milan
    I constantly get asked for books featuring women 60 & up - so until I write one, here's a great example! A historical romance that hinges on class & money, it features two women who team up to defeat a common enemy - the Terrible Nephew - and end up finding far more than they bargained for. It's rich with historic detail, but also funny, nuanced and guaranteed to make your heart smile. Elderly lesbians defeating bad men and falling in love. Plus, cheese toasties!
  • Crush


    by SR Silcox
    A country girl and a rising pop star. An Australian small town. A festival that's about to be shut down. Can love save the day? I haven't read much YA, but if they're all like this, maybe I should read more. Delicious setting, goose-bump first kiss, this sweet romance is so fresh and innocent, it made my heart sing.
  • Worthy Of Love

    Worthy Of Love

    by Quinn Ivins
    This book isn't my normal sort of read, but I'm glad I picked it up. It covers a lot of ground: a political scandal, a witchhunt, unrequited love and wrongful imprisonment - and that's just for starters! It's got a refreshingly different plot, and real characters with real problems. No lesbian billionaires here: instead, workers on minimum wage with ADHD. The author took a gamble fitting so much in, but I think it paid off. Lesfic with a difference? You'll find it here.

LGBTQ+ Memoir

  • Logical Family

    Logical Family

    by Armistead Maupin
    A memoir so beautifully written, it feels likes slipping on your very favourite sweatshirt and sitting back with a glass of red. Armistead Maupin knows how to spin a story and once you're in, you never want to leave.
  • The Breakup Monologues

    The Breakup Monologues

    by Rosie Wilby
    In her latest book, Rosie shuffles heartache, humour and science in her quest to understand and lay bare the psychology of breakups. Part-memoir, part-Ted talk, it's a funny and honest delve into the human psyche and asks what we can learn about ourselves through endings, and what it takes to stay in a relationship for all the *right* reasons. The accidental relationship guru pulls no punches, and this is a gutsy, hilarious, corker of a book.
  • A Life In Stitches

    A Life In Stitches

    by Rachael Herron
    A masterful account of her life as seen through the knits she was creating at the time. Stories that weave seamlessly in and out of her life, it's a gorgeous example of how rich non-fiction storytelling can be.
  • Undivided


    by Vicky Beeching
    Undivided is a gripping and unflinching memoir. It details the hurt and horror extreme religion can inflict, while also offering hope for those who turn it around.

General Fiction

  • It's Not Me, It's You

    It's Not Me, It's You

    by Mhairi McFarlane
    I'm making it a rule that I read one mainstream book followed by one lesfic book throughout 2021. Don't blame me if my next few mainstream choices are by this author. This is an all-out British rom-com brimming with lovable characters, sharp plot and zingy dialogue. It also has situations so cringe-worthy, you'll be reading through your fingers. Read it & try not to fall in love.
  • The Christmas Sisters

    The Christmas Sisters

    by Sarah Morgan
    The Christmas Sisters shows one of my all-time favourite writers at the top of her game. Read anything she's written, you won't be disappointed. Now, if only she'd add a few lesbians to her novels, she'd be perfect!
  • Rachel's Holiday

    Rachel's Holiday

    by Marian Keyes
    I'm kinda at a loss for words to say about Rachel's Holiday. Just take my advice: it'll change your life. Keyes is a word wrangler, and this story cuts to the core. A must-read.
  • The Girl You Left Behind

    The Girl You Left Behind

    by Jojo Moyes
    This is one of those novels that stays with you long after you put it down. Set between modern-day and WWI, it tells the story of a painting's journey back to its owner, and is heartfelt and simply stunning.
  • My Not So Perfect Life

    My Not So Perfect Life

    by Sophie Kinsella
    My Not So Perfect Life demonstrates perfectly why Sophie is as successful as she is. This book is the rom-com I'd love to write, but with lesbian leads, natch. Pacy, real, British & hilarious, it's unputdownable.
  • The Cows

    The Cows

    by Dawn O'Porter
    I spent my birthday reading this in the sunshine, and it's refreshingly different. The tale of three women, it follows Tara who's propelled to sudden, unwanted fame; Cam, an online feminist blogger; and Stella, who's quietly but devastatingly falling apart. Clever, modern and feisty, it focuses on female sisterhood and always steps over the line. Read it.
  • Half A World Away

    Half A World Away

    by Mike Gayle
    I remember reading Mike Gayle when I was in my twenties. That he's been putting out books since then shows his staying power, and the quality hasn't dipped. Half A World Away, about two siblings separated in early life, covers family, class and love, and is an emotional landslide of a novel that will stay with you for days after.

Writing Books

  • On Writing

    On Writing

    by Stephen King
    On Writing is the best in the business, just like its author. Part-memoir, part writing manual, it's entertaining, witty and informative. The very best kind of writing, then.