London Ever After: Out Now!


I come bearing extra-special news: London Ever After, book nine in the London Romance series, is out now in ebook and paperback! Crack out the trumpets and bang the drums! This book has been a long time coming, but it’s finally here, which means the London Romance series is complete. I hope you read this one (it can be read as a standalone). If you haven’t read the rest, I’d encourage that, too. Or pick your favs from the nine books in the series. However you read them, I hope you enjoy this latest and final book in the series. Why might you enjoy it? Read on to find out…

You’re going to love this book because:
1. It features a brand-new London love story brimming with heat and heart, focused on Cordy, a pianist new to the capital; and Hannah, a confidence-shy drag king whose life is about to be changed forever.
2. It’s oozing hot tension as the two leads move in together in close quarters – there’s only one bedroom, OMG! – and then have to dance around their growing attraction. But you know their first kiss is coming, right? When it hits, you’ll feel it everywhere. Guaranteed.
3. The story is a delicious slice of modern East London sapphic life, with bagels, beer, leather jackets, Deliveroo, and cheap wine drunk on balconies at midnight. Where all the BEST decisions are made…
4. It also focuses on family connections: biological and found. Plus, you get to catch up with all your favourites from previous books with a slew of farewell cameos sashaying through the final party chapter.
5. It’s the last instalment of the much-loved London Romance series, the string of stories that started it all for me. London Ever After is very much the tale of Cordy and Hannah (and can be read as a standalone), but they’re helped along in their journey by past characters. My advice? Read them however you want. Read just this one. Pick your favs. Or refresh your memory with the other eight books in the series, then grab a coffee and settle in with London Ever After!
I hope you love reading it as much as I loved writing it.