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May 4th – London Romance Series, Books 1-3

May 27th 2018 – Once Upon A Princess, co-written with Harper Bliss.

June 27th 2018 – The London Of Us, (London Romance Book 4)

October 2018 – London, Actually (London Romance Book 5)

November 2018 – Lesbian-themed non-fiction books, TBA



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17 thoughts on “Books”

  1. Finished reading “London Calling”- really really good book. could not put it down: easy and exciting to read…loved the character development. thank you so much.

  2. Hi Tammy – thanks so much for your comments, really glad you enjoyed the book! Take care, Clare

  3. Just finished reading “London Calling”! So refreshing to read a lesbian fiction that is about real people and real life. Such a good read! Look forward to the next 🙂

  4. Thanks Jo – glad you enjoyed it and thanks for letting me know! Second book is in the works. Take care, Clare

  5. I really enjoyed “London Calling” and look forward to your next … do you have a synopsis (or blurb) for that one? I called your novel “charming and sexy” (maybe I should of said charmingly sexy … oh well, I’m not much of a writer) on my FB page and I felt got a glimpse of London/London-life (I’m American and never been there). Thank you for adding to my ‘authors-to-look-for/books-to-buy’ for romance and humor.

  6. Thanks for your kind words Barbara, and glad you enjoyed the book! I’m just writing the blurb for book two, which should be out in November. If you sign up to follow my blog I’ll be writing about it here very soon or check back again soon! Take care, Clare.

  7. Just finished a back to back session of London Calling & This London Love. What great reads from some serious home grown talent. Absolutely loved the characters so it was so apt to follow the first book up. Both books were easy to read and easy to get pulled into, apart from some serious hotness that required some slower reading 😉
    Very much looking forward to reading more from you.
    5 stars all the way.

  8. Thanks Jo! I was having a very frustrating day yesterday, and your comment really made me smile. So glad you enjoyed both books, have you read my other book The Long Weekend? Currently writing a book and a novella, so should have something else for you to read in the not too distant future. Thanks for stopping by and take care! Clare. x

  9. Loved your new book ‘This London Love’, and it was great to read more about Jess and co. from ‘London calling’. Some of the dialogues even made me laugh out loud. Really hope you can write your next book quickly!

  10. Thanks Mary – really thrilled you enjoyed the book. Writing another right this moment! Take care, Clare. x

  11. So now also finished Long Weekend, a bit further West and it would have been on my home of Cornish soil, so great to read a reunion filled with some right old turmoil!
    Fantastic to hear there will be a 3rd London series, can’t wait for that! Please type as fast as you possibly can ?
    As for this book, would love to read a continuing story from Geri’s train journey and the new acquaintance – or am I being too demanding ?
    Really enjoying your writing – some of those ‘established’ American lesbian fiction writers have some serious competition!

  12. You’re not the only one who’s asked for more on Geri, but I don’t have any plans at the moment. But never say never! If you haven’t already, I would really appreciate a review on Amazon or wherever you bought the book, this really helps others to decide whether to give the book a try. Thanks again for stopping by and so glad you enjoyed all three novels! Cheers, Clare. x

  13. I stumbled across London Calling and Clare Lydon by accident! A wee bit like Jess and Lucy meeting by chance! I am so glad I did, for my girlfriend currently lives in London for work purposes and I am back at home in Northern Ireland, eagerly waiting for her return trips until she is home for good! This book had me hooked from the very first line. I purchased it on the Saturday and had it finished by the Sunday (I’m sounding all Craig David). It was an honest read, something i could relate too, I definitely related to Jess. There were so many witty lines that I had a good old chuckle at, like “your terrible Muriel” from one of my favourite films! So Clare you have a new fan and I will make sure that every Lesbian I know (well apart from my crazy exes), know that you exist! Fantadtic!

  14. So pleased you enjoyed – hope you joined the mailing list, too. And the Craig David reference made me chuckle! Clare.x

  15. Hi , I’ve just finished book 3 and have downloaded book 4 ready for my drive to work. I love the way the characters run through the whole series, a close lesbian community, you feel like you actually know the people you’re hearing about.
    Thank you Clare keep the books coming

  16. Thanks Sue, glad you’re enjoying the books – I love writing them! New one out this month: London, Actually. Take care, Clare. x

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