Nothing To Lose: A Lesbian Romance

NothingToLose-281x449Can you find love in a hopeless place?

Meet Scarlet Williams: pragmatic, pissed off, and freshly flooded out of her basement flat. Her unlikely saviour? Joy Hudson, the ever-beaming mayor, whose open-home policy lands Scarlet, and her sodden belongings, on her doorstep. Joy’s ceaseless optimism versus Scarlet’s spiralling doom prove quite the cocktail. But amid the muddy debris, an unlikely connection sparks, one that makes both women reassess what might be.

Get ready to awkwardly romance-tango your way through a story that’s as real, humorous, and British as a hastily made cup of tea during a crisis. This isn’t just sapphic romance; it’s a story that teases out the timid hope that often hides behind life’s calamities, showcasing love’s ability to tip-toe into the bleakest moments.

International best-seller Clare Lydon – author of Before You Say I Do, Change Of Heart and Hotshot – conjures another story to lose yourself in. Dive into Nothing to Lose and find out if opposites really do attract in the ultimate tale of love and redemption!