Coming Soon

What’s Coming In 2020?  This year, my plan is to write four novels. I’ve never done that before in a single year. I’m super-determined, though! Also, to sail on another yacht as I did this year (right). Like a boss.

First novel: Before You Say I Do is out and has been very well received. Thanks for all your lovely comments! If you haven’t read it yet, go here.

Second novel: One Golden Summer is out now, the story of movie star, Saffron Oliver, and wine buff, Kirsty McBride. It’s got sun, sea, sand and steam aplenty! Plus, hot women in bike leathers. Come on, what more do you want? You can read all about it here.

Third novel:  The next book in the London series, Hot London Nights. It’s going to get steamy, and it’s going to bring all the gang together again. This one’s going to drop in Q3. Mark your calendar!

Fourth novel: I’m writing a Christmas novel! Think mulled wine, tubs of Celebrations, snowball fights, meet-cutes, twinkly-lit love. This one’s going to charm your festive socks off. Promise. But I won’t be releasing till Q4. What a tease I am.