Big London Dreams

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Is there a time-limit on second chances?

Eunice Starling didn’t mean to fall for Joan Hart, but she did. How could she resist those stunning eyes, that dynamite smile?

Months later, she didn’t want to leave Joan and marry a suitable man, but she did. Over the years, Eunice tried to forget, but she never forgave herself.

Now, a whole lifetime later, Eunice comes face to face with Joan. They might be older, but Joan’s eyes are still the same. But after so long apart, is that enough? Are the pair destined to finally live out their big London dreams?

For the latest instalment in the London Romance series, best-selling author Clare Lydon travels back in time to uncover the story of Eunice and Joan, and the love that was ripped from their grasp. Told in snapshots of then and now, it captures the London of the past and the hope of now. Get ready to have your heart broken, and then pieced back together again. This is a story of shattered dreams, hope and ultimately, enduring love.


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