London Calling

London Romance Series, Book One

One Moment Please: Love’s GPS is recalculating…

Jess Sharp’s love life is stuck on the tarmac. At 32, she’s jobless and freshly single, having swapped sunny Australia for her parents’ spare room in London. Just when her life’s departure board seems permanently stuck on ‘delayed’, a chance encounter promises an unexpected first-class upgrade.

However, the path to true love never did run smooth. Soon enough, Jess hits unexpected turbulence: a storm of tequila and haunting memories of past relationships. Can she pilot her way through these emotional skies, or will she have to make an emergency landing?

London Calling is your ticket to the best-selling London Romance series, where laughter rules, drama is on speed-dial, and British charm is the in-flight entertainment. Clare Lydon invites you aboard her laugh-out-loud debut novel to discover whether Jess can navigate her way to romantic bliss. Fasten your seatbelts: it’s set to be a particularly bumpy ride…

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