All I Want Series Boxset, Books 1-6

Read the full Tori & Holly story from start to finish!

“This series is like the best Sunday morning ever!” says one reviewer – and I’m sure you’ll think so, too!

The All I Want series follows Tori & Holly on their journey from friends to lovers, and then throughout the first couple of years of their formative relationship. It chronicles their first Valentine’s Day, their first trip away to Europe, their first Pride, even their first arrest. The story tracks their stormy arguments, their red-hot sex, their stuttering growth, their highs and lows. If you like the sound of a realistic and witty snapshot of modern lesbian life, this is the lesbian romance series for you!

This boxset includes:

All I Want For Christmas

All I Want For Valentine’s

All I Want For Spring

All I Want For Summer

All I Want For Autumn

All I Want Forever

With nearly a quarter of a million words and a whole host of laughs, it’s a sure-fire page-turner from start to finish!

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