Send Mobi Files To Your Kindle

Loading a mobi file onto your Kindle isn’t hard. At least, not when you know how. So, how do you do it? Take my hand as I show you, step by step…

1 – Go to Amazon, sign in.

2 – Click on the Accounts & Lists dropdown, then click Manage Your Content And Devices

3 – You then get four headings: Content, Devices, Preferences, Alexa Privacy. Click Preferences.

4 – Scroll down to Personal Document settings. Click this. This is where you can find your Kindle email address, which will end in It appears under the heading ‘Send-To-Kindle Email Settings’. Write it down, you will need it for step 6. It’s usually

5 – Still under Personal Document Settings, scroll down to Approved Personal Document Email List. Add your own email to that list (click the blue link at the bottom to add an email), then click the Add Address button. You can now receive items from your saved email address.

6 – Now go to your email (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, whatever you use so long as it’s the same email address you added to your Amazon account in step 5). Click to open a new email, attach the mobi file, and send that to your Kindle address which you noted down in step 4.

7 – Turn on your Kindle’s wifi and the document should drop onto your device within minutes. Simples!