Hot Dog is a creative consultancy that throws an imaginative glitterbomb into the stratosphere daily. It specialises in two related fields:

  • Digital Editorial Strategy & Content Creation
  • Creative Copywriting for Digital & Traditional

We can supply ideas & sparkling copy that are deliciously tasty, piping hot & best served in a bun with ketchup. But if you’d like other ideas or copy we can rustle that up too with a side order of nice.

Along the way we’ve worked digitally with the likes of Rhapsody, Vodafone, RealNetworks, the BBC, ITN and the Guardian, as well as with oodles of print magazines.

Editorial Services

Hot Dog delivers editorial strategy and a vision that puts you in cruise control of your business. If you want to keep customers engaged and coming back then content is king and Hot Dog is the king of content.

  •  Want an editorial strategy on how best to use your resources to gain maximum exposure? We can help.
  •  Want targetted, timely content to engage an audience? Talk to us.

Creative Copywriting

We also supply fresh copy daily for all business purposes, mainly website editorial, blogging & marketing.

  •  Want online & traditional copy? No problem.
  •  Want short & snappy or something more detailed? We can do that too.

Whatever you’re after, just email & ask. If it’s not listed, we’re more than happy to discuss exactly what you need and take it from there.

  • Blogs
  • Newsletters
  • Web copy: site editorial
  • Emails
  • Advertising copy: banners & gifs
  • Brochures
  • Flyers, Leaflets & Posters
  • Press

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