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February 9th, 2018

Cups of caffeinated beverage so far today: Two teas, one coffee. Coffee and me are BACK ON, cue happy dance!

Steps so far today: I went for a 5k run this morning in the gym, so I’m feeling pretty smug. But 5k is only just over 7,000 steps, which seems a little unfair for such a Herculean effort, no?! Total with walking to the gym & back: 7,677. I really should go to the gym more, seeing as it’s *that* close!

What am I working on? The London Of Us, the fourth book in my London series. The book is really shaping up now, the story of Tanya’s friend Alice and her path to being not quite as straight as she once thought. As this is being released alongside the audiobook, I need time to record that – so it’s not going to be on sale until the summer (sad face). On the plus side, it’s the perfect beach read, so happy face! I was reading back through what I’d written last week and honestly, I think I’ve done the best first kiss I’ve ever written. I had ALL the feels.

Talking of audiobooks. We were, right? February & March are going to be audiobook-crazy for me, with FOUR TITLES coming out. London Calling, This London Love and A Girl Called London will all be out this month (Feb 20th is the scheduled date); and Twice In A Lifetime should be out in March, all being well. So if you’re an audio fan and would like a free code in exchange for a review, reply to this email and let me know.

Did you catch this interview with me? If not, here’s The Lesbian Bookworm grilling me on why I started to write, how I do it and how I take my coffee.

Any weekend plans? I’ve just baked a banana cake to take to my parents’ when I visit them today, so now the house smells of baking and I want to eat it all. But I shan’t, for my body is a temple (also occasionally a nightclub). This weekend is the north London derby – Spurs vs Arsenal – which is my team vs my wife’s team. Awkward! We won’t watch it as we know from experience that it’s not the best for relationship stability. Ahem. Instead, we’re planning to go to Greenwich market and buy me a new woolly hat, have lunch out, and then come home when the coast is clear. And in the evening, we’re out with friends to drink trendy cocktails out of plant pots. Hurrah!

Twice In A Lifetime is now available at all the other stores as well as Kindle, so if you buy your books on Apple, Kobo, Barnes & Noble or Bella Books, you can pick it up at any of those stores now! You’d be mad not to. Totally bonkers.

Have you heard about ELLCon? Which stands for European Lesfic Literary Conference. It’s a new event on the block and it’s being held in Bristol on August 23 & 24. I’m going to be there chatting about books, and if you want to come too and be surrounded by lesfic lovers from all around Europe, hotfoot it over to their website for more information and tickets.

That’s all from me at Custard Books HQ, Greenwich. Oh, and thank you if you recommended a Netflix show after the last email. We’re still watching and loving Grace & Frankie, and I might make it to the end of The Crown. I love its styling and I think Claire Foy is incredible, but it requires dedication and concentration, neither of which are my strong suits when it comes to telly!