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December 14th, 2018

Cups of caffeinated beverage so far today: An entire pot of nuclear-strength coffee, mainlined through my aorta. It’s how I roll.

Steps so far today: 7,889. I did a run this morning. Hence the coffee.

Christmas movies watched this week: 702. I’m trying to cut back.

What am I working on? This week has been all about whipping my upcoming book, You’re My Kind, into tip-top shape. It’s not quite there yet, but the aim is to get the second edit done before Christmas. This one is a second-chance romance where the lead protagonist runs a cake decorating school, based on a real-life one in my home town of Greenwich. It’s a heady mix of first love, death, friendship and delicately flavoured sponge, which are all the perfect ingredients for a bang-up romance. It’s slowly becoming what I want it to be, which is all I can ask for. It’s the stage in the process marked, ‘handle with care’.

Large Print Books: If you’re a fan of large print books, I’ve brought out large print versions of both Nothing To Lose and Twice In A Lifetime. Head on over to their Amazon pages and click on the Paperback option drop-down menu to find them.

Coming to London in 2019? Check out my London Tourist Guide, and make like the characters in my London Romance series. Yes, you too can get tipsy like Jess, hit up a Soho nightspot like Becca & Cleo, or sing in a bandstand like Kate & Meg!

Last-minute present ideas? Signed copies of my books are sure to be a smash-hit gift! Just hit reply to this email and let me know which book you want. I’ve got a limited stock of books, but will hopefully have what you want! Books are all £10 + p&p.

This week’s question: I’m doing another Facebook Live on Saturday, December 22nd at 3pm UK time. Stop by my Facebook page on the day to join me and ask me any questions you have. But if you’re shy or can’t make it, email me and ask me a question now, and I’ll answer it live. Ask me anything you like about my process, my life, my writing, whatever! Last time out I got ten questions beforehand and I’d love to top that. So please, don’t be shy! Email me at: