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October 5th, 2018

Hello & happy Friday from London Town where the sun is shining and the sky is blue – the best kind of autumnal day.

I hope the first week in October has seen you living your best life. I’ve had a full-on week of plotting my next novel (it’s going well!), along with doing a podcast with Elle Spencer who was a delight. On top of that, my wife and I also went along to the Amazon Kindle Storyteller Awards at the Royal Society in London, where we had a brilliant evening talking books and writing – authory photo of me above. Is authory a word? It is now.

The other big news for October is that the True Christmas movie channel has been switched on, which means I have to magic up all my willpower not to watch it all day long. So far, I’m keeping my Christmas movie obsession under wraps as they’re not bringing out the big guns in October. But once November rolls around, all bets are off. I must admit to recording a couple of movies already for a spare evening. My wife is thrilled.

And now, onto today’s key performance indicators…

Cups of caffeinated beverage so far today: Two teas, one coffee. I spilt the second tea all over the stairs carpet = not living my best life. I also bought some new coffee for my Nespresso, and it’s pleasingly thick, like a delicious coffee soup.

Steps so far today: 7,627. And I’ve run 5k! Perhaps I’ve got a lazy Fitbit?

What am I working on? London, Actually is going out to early readers this weekend – check your email if you’re in the ARC team! – and will be on general release from October 24th. Whoop! I hope you’re excited about book five in the London Romance series, I know I am. If you’d like to read chapter one to get a taste of it, click here to do so. And if you want to read the blurb, click here. It’s a clickfest today, isn’t it?

London, Actually on Pre-Order: If you read on Apple, Kobo or Barnes & Noble, you can pre-order the book and it’ll be delivered on release day, October 24th. How convenient! Do it now…

Pre-order on Apple Books

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Pre-order on Barnes & Noble

New Audiobook Alert! Once Upon A Princess is now out as an audiobook. Hurrah! Get it from Audible or Kindle – the links are all here.

What am I reading? I’ve only got one recommendation this week, but it’s a good one. If you haven’t read Her Shadow by Sally Xerri-Brooks, you really should. Billed as a story of love, loss & politics, it’s got everything you need for a page-turning lesbian romance.

Are Spurs going to win the Champions League? No. Silly Spurs.

What film would you like to see remade with lesbian leads? I asked, and you answered. Here were your top five, in order of votes:

1 – The Matrix

2 – James Bond

3 – The Hunger Games

4 – The Force Awakens

5 – Fifty Shades Trilogy

All brilliant choices! As for me, I’d love a Richard Curtis movie like Notting Hill or Four Weddings. But that’s because I love a London rom-com!

This week’s question: Which author would you most like to go out for a drink with? A pint of lager, a packet of salt n vinegar and good ol’ chinwag. Let me know!