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February 8th 2019

Cups of caffeinated beverage today: Two teas, sipped with my pinky in the air and a stiff upper lip. I am British, after all.

Steps today: 235. Don’t judge me. *hangs head in shame*

What am I working on? I’m now onto the second draft of Made In London, book six in the London Romance series. I completed the first draft in three crisp January weeks, a record for me. Because it was an experiment, I wondered about the quality of the words when I was working so quickly. Turns out, my fears were unfounded. Writing fast means you’re in the zone, the sweet spot. You’re deep in the story, and that immersive experience turns the writing up a notch. I’m 10k into draft two, and so far, I like what I’m reading. It bodes well for the rest of the book, so three cheers for that!

When is my next book release, dammit? You’re My Kind, my standalone second-chance romance (pictured above in its pretty jacket), is due out on March 21st. We have a date. Yay! I hope you’re excited. Here’s the blurb:

Would you give your first love a second chance?

Justine Thomas and Maddie Kind met at university and were the couple most likely. Everybody said so. That is, until Maddie left without saying goodbye.

Ten years later the pair are reunited at a friend’s funeral, and now Justine can’t shake Maddie from her life. But why is she back? Why did she disappear? And more importantly, is she interested in the whole cake, or just one last slice of Justine?

Strap in for a novel that deals with life’s big topics: love, death & cake. Clare Lydon is the queen of British romantic comedy, and this stellar lesbian romance is guaranteed to give you all the feels.

Can’t wait that long? Click here to read the first chapter!

What am I reading? Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been dredging up all those lesfic books I bought when they were on sale, but have since fallen down the back of my Kindle. Up first was Ellie Spark’s Love Undercover, which was a cute read about a woman in a fake relationship who falls for a yoga teacher. I’m currently enjoying Susan X Meagher’s Smooth Sailing, about workaholic Laurie who meets cool, laid-back Kaatje. I’m 40% in and so far, they’ve mainly been sailing and shagging. I’m not sure where it’s going from here, but I’m intrigued to find out!

Audiobook News! If you were one of the many who emailed asking when London, Actually (London Romance, book five) was coming out in audio – I have news. It’s being recorded at the end of the month, so I reckon it should be available widely in April. I’ll keep you updated as it progresses.

This week’s question: Let’s talk tropes. What’s your favourite? Mine is Second Chance Romance, or Friends To Lovers. Do you love Ice Queen? Enemies To Lovers? Fake Relationship? Rich Girl/Poor Girl? Office Romance? Royal Romance? Women In Uniform? Hit reply and let me know what trope you buy every single time! ?

That’s all for now. Have a wonderful weekend. Mine is going to be strewn with friends and football. I can think of worst ways to spend it.

Thanks for your support, you’re the absolute best!

Lots of love,

Clare. xxx