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May 18th, 2018

Cups of caffeinated beverage so far today: Three teas. I’m being British because it’s royal wedding week. I’m only drinking from bone-china tea cups and my pinky will be in the air at all times.

Steps so far today: 456. I know, paltry. However, on Wednesday I had a friend here from Canada, we did a day of sightseeing and I clocked up over 31,000 steps! So I’m due a rest, right?

What am I working on? Book five in the London Romance series, London, Actually, although it’s still in the early stages. I was listening to an interview with David Nichols who wrote One Day (love that book), and he said when he wrote that, he wanted to make it like a pop song: something that hooked you from the start, worked up to a glorious chorus, made you laugh and made you cry. That’s my intention with this book. It’s going to have all the feels!

Read the first two chapters of Once Upon A Princess! Just in time for royal wedding week, I’ve got a new book out on May 24th, co-written with Harper Bliss. If you’d like to read the first two chapters, you can do so by clicking here. Can’t wait for you to read it!

Book four in the London Romance series The London Of Us – is due out on June 27th. The book is currently on pre-order at iTunes, Kobo and Barnes & Noble, so head to those stores to reserve your copy now (if you read on Kindle, no pre-order there).

What am I reading? I’m still reading G Benson’s Who’d Have Thought, and loving it. I think she might be my fave lesfic author. I’m going to try really hard not to fangirl on her too much when I see her at Ellcon.

Going to Ellcon? That stands for European Lesfic Literary Conference, fact fans! If you’re in the UK in August, you should think about coming along. It promises oodles of authors, readers, panels and brilliant book chat! Head to for more. If you’re coming, I’ll see you there!