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April 5th 2019

Hello and happy Friday! I hope your day is going well so far, and that you’re sliding into your weekend like a boss.

My week has been packed with goodness. I’ve started writing a new book (yay!), and I baked a white chocolate & raspberry cheesecake for Mother’s Day (above). My mum agreed it was a triumph. Plus, I went to the new Tottenham Hotspurs stadium and watched Gazza run around like a headless chicken. Life is good!

But now, on Grand National weekend, let’s get onto the runners and riders…

Cups of caffeinated beverage today: Two teas, one coffee. But I’ve run out of milk. It’s a Friday calamity! If you’re going to the shop, can you get me some? And a Crunchie while you’re there. Ta.

Steps today: 691. It’s been a slow start. I’ve done my shoulder in at the gym, and I’ve kinda seized up. Turns out, exercise is dangerous. I knew it all along.

Would you write me a review? A huge thank you if you’ve bought my new novel, You’re My Kind. Your support is the best. If you haven’t already, I’d really appreciate a review wherever you bought it. Just a sentence would do, and you’d make my weekend.

What am I working on? I’ve started work on a new book. Yay! This one is part of a brand-new series I’m writing with Harper Bliss and TB Markinson. We’re all writing our own books, but they’ll be set in the same location: think chocolate box Cotswolds village and country life. Our characters will drink in the same pub and walk the same streets! I’m excited to get started on some fresh words as I haven’t written anything new since the end of January. This book will be out at the end of July, the last of the trio. Harper and TB will be releasing their books late June and early July.

Plus, if you’re wondering where London 6 is at, it’s still in the works. I need to finish this first draft, then I’ll look at it. Once I do that, I can decide when I’m going to release. Only me and my editor have read it so far, but it’s going to my wife to read on holiday at the end of the month. When I have her verdict, things will be clearer!

What am I reading? I enjoyed reading Love’s Portrait by Anna Larner. A romance that jumps between modern-day and the 1800s, it’s got a bit of class, art history and a gentle pace that curls around you. I interviewed her for my Lesbian Book Club podcast, and that will be out later in the month. Plus, I’ve started on yet another memoir about how running saved one woman’s life: Jog On by Bella Mackie.

Episode 6 of Lesbians Who Write is out! Have you listened to our new podcast yet? If not, get on it! It’s called Lesbians Who Write, and features TB Markinson & I chatting about being full-time writers and lesbian fiction. There are six episodes up already, and a new one every Monday. Check out the website here, and subscribe to our newsletter by going here.

Facebook Live: If you missed it, you can catch up on my Facebook Page here. Thanks to everyone who stopped by and sent in questions. I had a blast and will be doing another one in May.

This week’s question: What was the first lesbian movie you ever watched, and what’s your favourite? Mine was Bar Girls, which is so bad it’s good. My favourite would have to be But I’m A Cheerleader. In my eyes, Natasha Lyonne can do no wrong. If you haven’t seen Russian Doll on Netflix, watch it now!