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Cocktail-2017-MeOctober 6th, 2017

What am I working on? My new novel, Twice In A Lifetime, due out at the end of this month. Yay! Yes, the new book is so close I can almost taste it, and I’m thrilled about that. I got it back from my US copy editor this week, so now it just needs a little time to breathe before being launched onto the world. I reckon we’re looking at an October 26th official launch, and I’ll let you know when it’s set to fly, have no fear. But with that book almost done, I’ve started on the next book in the London Romance series, and that’s coming along nicely, too.

Any weekend plans? This weekend is going to see me doing some writing, along with attending London Cocktail Week on Saturday. I heart London Cocktail Week, because it means I get to try all manner of delicious cocktails all around the capital for £6 a pop – not too shabby! The photo above is me drinking a Grey Goose Watermelon Cooler at The Ned this week in the City. Check out my Instagram (@clarefic) for more photos of me and cocktails this weekend.

What am I reading? I’ve been stepping outside of lesfic of late to see what else is out there, and I’ve read Kerry Lonsdale’s Everything We Keep and Everything We Left Behind. They’re straight romances with a twist, and I loved them – dramatic and brilliantly written, with so many twists and turns I got whiplash. Give them a try if you haven’t already.

How am I feeling? I’ve recovered from my cold, so I’m feeling pretty chipper this week! Plus, I’m getting a little bit excited about the Diva Literary Festival, which takes place in a month’s time in Birmingham, UK. I’m appearing on a couple of panels with Kiki Archer and Clare Ashton on Sunday November 5th, and there’s tons on the programme, so take a look and I hope to see you there. Big-hitters likes Val McDermid, Mari Hannah and Stella Duffy are going, so if you’re in the UK, do come along and say hi. I’ve also just ordered a stack of books for the festival, so if you’d like to buy one from me, hunt me down and demand a book! Tickets for the festival are on sale here.

Do you like podcasts? If so, take a listen to the latest episode of The Lesbian Book Club where I interview smash-hit debut author Emma Nichols on her runaway success with her first books, Finding You and Remember Us. We chat life, love, books, wine & sex – what more could you want?

Anything else? I’ve also been blogging about how I write this week.

That’s the lot for now. And remember – only 78 shopping days to Christmas! If you want to order any of my books as presents, drop me an email: