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August 10th, 2018

Greetings from scorchio Croatia, where I’m currently on holiday. We have the most gorgeous villa replete with Hockney-esque pool (above), a pool table where I’ve been getting thrashed daily (tres sad times), and an outdoor gas-fired grill which has pleased my wife all week long (that’s us, above).

In among the blur of lemon sunshine-filled days and long, balmy evenings studded with steaks the size of my head and large G&Ts, I’ve read three books, swum more than I have in years and my batteries are fully recharged. I hope your week has been equally sun-drenched & delicious!

Cups of caffeinated beverage so far today: Two teas, one of them just being made for me by my mate Tracey as I type this. I haven’t had a strong cup of coffee all week as it doesn’t exist in this part of Croatia. Perhaps that’s why I’ve been sleeping for ten hours every single night!

Steps so far today: I’m on holiday at a villa. The longest we have to walk is to the pool, to the car, to the pool table. Reader, I took my Fitbit off!

Number of ice-cold beers by the pool: Eleventy.

Number of pool games won: 2.

Number of pools games lost: 3,456. Consider my lesbian points docked.

What am I working on? I had a goal of finishing the first draft of book five in the London series, London Actually, by the time I left for my holiday – and drum roll please… I hit it! Yay! So this week, I’ve let the first draft rest before going back to tackle it next week when I’m home. It’s still early days, but I’m pleased as punch that I hit my goal and the book is shaping up nicely. Expect a release in the autumn!

One of the books I’ve read this week is my non-fiction book I wrote ten years ago and plan to release this year. It needs updating, but huge chunks are still usable and some of the jokes even made me snort. Which either means the book has stood the test of time, or I still have bad taste in jokes. You be the judge when I release it!

What am I reading? It’s been a real treat to lie by a pool and read this week, and I’ve revelled in the luxury! The first book I read was Rachel Elliott’s Whispers Through A Megaphone, which was awesome. The story of Miriam Delaney and her struggle to find her voice, the author skilfully weaves in the stories of those around her, and I loved every second. If you’re a fan of modern fiction that’s quirky, warm & funny – and has a smattering of LGBT characters – give this a go! I also read Lise MacTague’s Demon In The Machine in preparation for our podcast chat next month. A lesfic steam punk novel with phenomenal world-building, it’s way out of my normal realm – but once I got into it, I was hooked! It’s got elements of thriller/sci-fi/fantasy & romance, so something for everyone. Worth a read!

What are you reading? It’s summer holiday season, so hit reply and let me know the books you took or are taking on your summer holiday. I’d love some recommendations, lesfic or otherwise!