2012: Best Albums

Farewell then, 2012. You brought us the London Olympics and the Queen’s Jubilee, which made us all feel royally fabulous. You were also a glittery disco ball of musical merriment, with a number of standout albums and more than enough pop fragments to snag our attention. Before you evaporate completely from our memory, let’s look back with no anger and more than a scoop of love. And before you ask, no there is no Frank Ocean in the list because while Channel Orange had its moments, it was terminally long and dare we say it, dull – not an accusation you level at any of this lot…

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2009: Best Albums


See ya then, 2009. You’ve thrown up some sage musical selections and have overseen the emergence of many talents throughout a bundle of genres, including La Roux and Lady GaGa in the pop arena who’ve wowed us with their hairstyles as well as their music. 2009 also saw a folk revival, Jay-Z ruling the world and Take That putting on the tour of their lives with The Circus Live. We’ve spent the past few weeks sifting through the albums of the year and have boiled them down to the following top ten, with a few extra recommendations. If you haven’t heard them yet, there’s still time…

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