Jay-Z Writes Song For New Daughter


I think he might be a bit excited about his new daughter, Blue Ivy. In the song, Jay-Z reveals that Beyonce suffered a miscarriage prior to giving birth to Blue, but most of all the track bubbles over with the enthusiasm of a first-time father, even including his new daughter’s gurgling on the track. It’s certainly not Jay-Z’s best work ever, but how’s this for a lyric? “You’re a child of destiny, you’re my child with the child from Destiny’s child, that’s a hell of a recipe…” Beat that.

2011: Best Albums

Farewell then, 2011. You had your moments, but it’s time to move on now. Chop chop. And yes, I know I’m a little late with my Best Albums list, but blame Christmas and all those delicious mince pies and mulled wine that fogged my brain. So what did the past 12 months bring? Musical highs and musical lows. I don’t reckon 2011 was a vintage year for music, but here are my top picks of the past 12 months…
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Rihanna Live At Brixton


Rihanna – Brixton Academy, London – November 16th

The last time Rihanna did a headline show in London she was a global pop star in love with another pop star, Chris Brown. How times change. She’s recently admitted that she found it hard coping with the transformation of “going to bed as Rihanna and waking up as Britney Spears” in relation to her much-publicised domestic violence, but with the release of her fourth album Rated R due next week, she’s getting all the support she deserves with her return to the stage, with both her mentor Jay-Z and rapper Jeezy showing up on stage last night at Brixton’s 02 Academy for her Nokia-sponsored gig…

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