Lady GaGa – Born This Way

Since the release of her first album The Fame back in 2008, much has changed for Stefani Germanotti aka Lady GaGa. She’s worn a dress made of meat for a start, and jumping out of coffins on-stage in now de rigeuer. She’s also sold the small matter of around 15 million copies of The Fame – give or take the odd one – so her fans and the watching world are pretty curious to see what new album Born This Way will sound like. GaGa herself has stated that this album will be full of “sledgehammering dance beats” and on first listen, she’s true to her word with the odd flamenco and europop moment thrown in for good measure…
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Atmosphere, GaGa, Azerbaijan!

After the torrid excitement of the Eurovision Song Contest and Brighton’s Great Escape festival over the weekend, we didn’t think there was much that would pique our interest musically today – but we were wrong. Because today news has reached that one of our very favourite bands are releasing a new album – Atmosphere’s The Family Sign is due out on June 20th. The collective’s last album – 2008’s When Life Gives You Lemons You Paint That Shit Gold – was one of our favourite long-players of that year so we have high hopes for the new release from Slugs, Ant & friends. Check out the first single above, Just For Show

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Lady GaGa – The Fame


She’s got the tunes, the moves and the charisma, plus she’s already slapped up the 2009 charts, plonking herself ahead of the many versions of Hallelujah with some in-yer-face dance-pop fizzing with synths and drama. If you want to jump up and down in a club, Lady GaGa’s your girl – she’s already being touted as the new Madonna and RealMusic Blog can understand the comparisons. On The Fame, Lady GaGa has produced a collection of schizophrenic glitter-laced pop tracks, stealing tricks from 70s disco and 80s new wave electro while teaming up with Flo Rida and even conjuring memories of Boney M. All that, and she dresses like she’s an extra from a Bowie video. Eclectic, yes…

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Lady GaGa – Papparazzi – full & uncut!


Have you heard that Lady GaGa’s in a Twitter strop? Why? Because some naughty wag has gone and leaked the video for forthcoming single Paparazzi all over the net. “Stop leaking my motherfucking videos!” flounced Ms GaGa on Twitter. But if it means we get to see a heady mix of sex, violence and dancing in wheelchairs that little bit earlier, we salute that wag. Full and uncut, here’s the video for Paparazzi way before they wanted you to see it…

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Lady GaGa: Artist of 2009

2009 will be remembered for many things but above all else in the music world it’ll be remembered as the year the world went gaga for GaGa. The last 12 months have seen Le GaGa covered in frogs, slathered beneath of barrage of face paint and crooning out from beneath a myriad of masks. Not just responding to the tag of pop star, Lady GaGa claims to be a performance artist and after the last 365 days we’d be inclined to agree. The greatest pretender to Madonna’s living legacy to pop, art and fashion, GaGa deserves all the plaudits for her daring fashion, button-pushing craziness but above all, her on-the-money songwriting.

The UK certainly loves a bit of GaGa though, with her single Bad Romance knocking Joe McXfactor off the top spot this week and album The Fame clambering back up to No.2. Meanwhile, Lady GaGa’s singles Poker Face was named this week as the biggest-selling single of 2009,  beating off the likes of the Black Eyed Peas and Cheryl Cole.