The Feeling – Exclusive Interview!

I walk into lead singer Dan Gillespie-Sells’ converted public house which he now calls home and there’s chaos all around. In amongst the recording equipment on the ground floor – which was once the bar, the kitchen where the drinks used to be served – are a film crew, there to record an acoustic session with The Feeling. Dan’s curly black dog sniffs my bag before deciding I’m not as interesting as he’d first thought, then trots off to have a fight with an empty water bottle – I’m not sure who wins. I’m ushered upstairs into an equally chaotic living room, awash with retro furniture, guitars, leads and mic stands. In the middle of it all are The Feeling – Dan, Richard, Paul, Kevin and Ciaran – all kitted out in pop star, seated around a large wooden dining table and frantically signing new album covers for fans. “We’re doing so many, we think the rareties will be the unsigned copies,” quips bassist Richard Jones. The Feeling are back – three years on from Join With Us, five years on from the mega-selling Twelve Stops And Home. So, what have they been up to?

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