2012: Best Albums

Farewell then, 2012. You brought us the London Olympics and the Queen’s Jubilee, which made us all feel royally fabulous. You were also a glittery disco ball of musical merriment, with a number of standout albums and more than enough pop fragments to snag our attention. Before you evaporate completely from our memory, let’s look back with no anger and more than a scoop of love. And before you ask, no there is no Frank Ocean in the list because while Channel Orange had its moments, it was terminally long and dare we say it, dull – not an accusation you level at any of this lot…

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Two Door Cinema Club Interview


Two Door Cinema Club have been whipping up a storm around the world on their never-ending tour which shows no sign of stopping with summer festivals, the US and Europe on their agenda. We caught up with bassist Kevin Baird to talk about their ever-rising star, signing for a French label and how that cat got on their album cover…

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Two Door Cinema Club – Tourist History


Two Door Cinema Club produce delicate indie rock that’s a little bit woooh, a little bit waaay. As guitars twang and keyboards plink (for that’s what keyboards do), crowds chant lovingly in the background and happiness soars. That they’re signed to a French label just adds to their certain mystique, which says something when you remember that these are three floppy-fringed lads from Northern Ireland with some cracking hooks and zippy tunes…

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Two Door Cinema Club Live Review


Two Door Cinema Club, The Garage, London – March 1st

Two Door  Cinema Club released their debut album Tourist History this week and as it’s been a regular on the RealMusic Blog playlist for weeks now we thought it about time we checked out the Northern Irish trio live. Plastic glasses of fizzy lager in hand and sticky floor stuck to, the lights dimmed and three fringes flopped in unison as the lads twanged guitars and pressed keys in an indie-electro way. I peered over the tops of heads as the threesome launched into their set with artistic gusto…

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