Black Eyed Peas – Rock That Body

Why make a music video that lasts three minutes when you can make one that lasts more than ten? That’s obviously the thought of the Black Eyed Peas, those intrepid chart-botherers who are back with their fourth single from the all-conquering The E.N.D., entitled Rock That Body. In it, after tells the others that their services will soon be performed by machines, Fergie slumps off with the hump and then all manner of sci-fi epic ensues featuring hovercars, aliens, break-dancing robots, helium, guns galore and spacesuits. It’s all terribly hi-tec and modern, but is it real or is it all a Fergie dream a la Bobby Ewing circa 1986? I think you know the answer… Make no mistake though – this is the Peas at their epic best, with a sprawling video sitting atop a rich, immersing pop song. If you could bottle the Black Eyed Peas formula right now, you’d be as rich as them. But you’re not. Oh well!

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