My Goals For 2024!

Happy New Queer! It’s only bloody 2024, innit?!

Another year dawns, and I’m finally getting down to my goals. To committing them to paper. Well, *website* if we’re being really strict, but you know what I mean. I’ve finally sent London Ever After – London Romance Book 9 – to the editor (can I get an amen?), and now it’s time to empty my head about what I’m doing other than publishing that. A little like last year, I’m also putting my health and well being first. But I promise to publish more than one book in 2024. You have my word. Here’s what else I’m planning…

Writing & Publishing

-Write three lesbian romance novels:

1. London Ever After (London Romance Series, Book 9)

This will be out in February or March, and I hope it’s a fitting end to the series which kicked it all off for me, ten years ago in February. I know. The whole gang return, plus it features a romance between a drag king and a pianist. Sparks fly on stage and off. I hope you love this one as much as I do! After all the fussing about getting it right, I’m feeling pretty happy with what I’ve achieved.

2. A New Christmas Romance. 

I’ve promised one every other year, and 2024 is a festive year. Therefore, 2024 will be another year full of twinkly lights, snow and impossibly cute romance. Yay!

3. Another New Romance.

I have a kernel of an idea that I’m falling in love with. I have goosebumps about this idea in the same way I did when I was writing Before You Say I Do. I’m very excited about it. It’s itching to get onto the page.

-Publish new translations in German, Portuguese, French and Italian. I have a new Italian one out this week: C’era Una Volta Una Principessa. I’m hoping for more beyond that.


-Build and launch my own Shopify store. This is a big one, and has been on my list for a while now. I’m daunted, but I’m determined to learn.

-Go to conferences and connect with more authors, either IRL or online. I’m speaking on the Kindle Direct Publishing stand again this year at the London Book Fair, plus I’ll be at the Self-Publishing Show Live in June.

-Hire a coach. I wanted to do this one last year. This year, it’s going to happen.

-Rewrite all my blurbs.

-Re-cover the London series. I already commissioned this and it’s nearly done. When London Ever After launches, the whole series gets a new look. Exciting!

Podcasting & Audio

-Carry on with the Lesbians Who Write podcast until we run out of things to talk about.

-Publish audiobooks of all my new launches: London Ever After, Christmas, whatever else.

Health & Wellbeing

-Keep walking 10-12k steps every day. This contributed greatly to last year’s weight loss. This year, I want to lose more weight and get healthier, so my plan is to keep walking. Also, eat Greek yoghurt by the vat-load.

-Keep up my new eating habits, which have seen me get healthier and happier. Food, water, sleep and exercise on point = happy Clare.

-Plan trips to look forward to. I’ve got three booked already. I’m going on safari later in the year, as well as a couple of long weekends to Germany and Spain. Plus, another caravan writing retreat filled with Custard Creams and pigeons rutting on the roof, no doubt.

-Celebrate my ten-year anniversary of being a published author! This is a big deal. It’s going to happen in February, and my wife and I have booked a weekend away to celebrate.

Personal Stuff

-Make one new recipe per month. I loved doing this last year. This year, I’m aiming for more of the same.

-Read 50 books. The past two years, I’ve read 39 and 45. I’ll say 50 again. It’s a nice round number!

-Go to see more women’s football games. Especially Spurs and Charlton. And occasionally Arsenal, because my wife loves them, and I love her.

-Make a will.

That’s the lot! I hope your 2024 has started out okay, and that you’re psyched to achieve whatever you want to do. Happy January, and Happy New Queer!