My Goals For 2022

After the year that was 2021, I’m putting 2022 on cruise control. I know what I want to get done, but if it doesn’t get done, so be it. I think we could all benefit from a year of ‘whatever!’ In saying that though, I’m still a Virgo who likes order, so goals I shall make. Ready for them? Here goes…


-Write three lesbian romance novels: a Christmas romp, London Ever After (London Romance book 9), and an as yet untitled book. I have the premise for all three of these, so I’m fairly confident. Famous last words, eh?


-Publish three novels (see above).

-Publish three new translations: two Portuguese, one German. I’d like to get some others on the board, but I’m not sure if they’ll land in time for next year or the year after. But I’d like to at least do some work towards them. I’d love to get at least one other country on the board!

Podcasting & Audio

-Carry on with another full year of Lesbians Who Write. We love doing the show, and we hope you love it too.

-Publish three new audiobooks: Change Of Heart, plus two from my upcoming releases. Should I add a festive book to the rosta? The jury’s still out.

Health & Wellbeing

-Keep up the yoga, for it keeps me bendy and able to write.

-Keep up PT, along with regular walking. I might even try running again. I always love the idea of running, it’s just my body that sometimes lets me down!

-Stop doom-scrolling. Really. It does nothing for you!

-Have planned holidays & breaks. I already have a trip to Jamaica and Paris booked in April and May, so that’s a good start.


-Set aside two days to tackle ads in Q1. Amazon, along with Facebook too. This has been on my list for two whole years now. 2022 is the year I shall defeat it!

-Schedule price promotions on other sites, and also on my own web shop. I’ve got some ideas in mind, so I’m excited about this one.

-Do some author events IRL and online. I’m going to the South Coast Lesfic Hangout in May for starters.

-Look into Clifton Strengths and how they can help me.

Personal Stuff

-Master cinnamon rolls & make honeycomb. I’m nobody’s idea of a master baker, but I’m determined to do this.

-Read more. This year my plan is to read 50 books. I’ve no idea how many I normally read, but I’d guestimate around 30ish. It helps my writing, so I need to keep it up.

-Do some weekend walking trips in the UK. Fresh air! Views! The sea! This is what my heart misses.

-Invest. I have a bit of money now, and I need to look after my future.

So, 2022, these are my goals. Will you let me do them? I’m not making any resolutions, because I think it’s the environment that needs to change. It better buck its ideas up, or else. Whatever your goals for 2022 – big or small – I hope they all come true. Thanks for reading and supporting my books & podcasts, it really does mean the world. Big love!