New French and Italian Translations!

Giddy to let you know that I’ve got two new translations out this month. The first is Un Jour Ma Princess Viendra, the French version of Once Upon A Princess. The second is Change Of Heart: Edizione Italiana, the Italian version of Change Of Heart. I love getting my sapphic romances out to new readers, but new readers in new languages is especially exciting!

As an indie author, translations were never on my radar at the start, as they were too expensive without the backing of a publisher. However, as my books got read more widely, publishers started to approach me. When I built my website a few years back, I was keen to include a translations page, even though I only had one translation to add. I now have ten, with more books and languages in the pipeline.

Having my work read around the world in native languages is really gratifying, and having those readers reach out and tell me how much they enjoy my stories makes me smile every day. Watching my stories get new leases of life is incredible. It’s a big world out there with lots of readers to reach.

If you read in French, Italian, Portuguese or German, expect more translations coming soon!

Find my translations page by clicking here.