Cheryl Cole – Fight For This Love

The first video from why-aye Cheryl sees her mixing up her styles, rocking the white vest & pyjamas look, a dash of leather and military garb. She frowns, she scowls, she concentrates on getting the dance moves right and in the end she smiles as she realises it’s going to be over soon. The video is directed by Ray Kay who, as well as having a clever rhyming name, has also directed Lady GaGa’s PokerFace and Mini Viva’s Left My Heart In Tokyo. You can tell he’s not a beginner because it involves moving walls, dodgy dance troupes and Cheryl ill-advisedly re-enacting her former career as a sometime boxer. Will it be enough to make Louis’ predictions of Cheryl being “the next Kylie” come true? You decide.

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