La Roux Live Review


La Roux, The Roundhouse, London – July 11th 2009

La Roux’s frontwoman Elly Jackson readily admits that live performing isn’t something she’s 100% nailed as yet, so we turned up to her gig on Saturday night with one eyebrow cocked. By the end of the evening though, it was lowered and in relaxed mode. Sure, the spiky-haired one might be short on dance moves and a tad awkward in flow, but her vocals and commitment to nailing every note deserve nothing but applause…

La Roux’s rise to fame appears to have surprised Jackson as much as anybody else. Touted as one to watch for 2009, it’s the ginger-quiffed South Londoner who’s clambered over everybody else to the top of the charts, with two No.1 singles and a top-selling album to her name – only her namesake Jacko stood in the way of more weeks at the top. The buzz around Saturday’s gig reflected the excitement surrounding her and her entourage and they didn’t disappoint.

Jackson is not a natural performer, but her awkwardness has a certain charm about it. She might not have the patter downpat just yet, but she still found time in between tracks to take the piss out of somebody dancing terribly on the balcony and threw herself headfirst into every song of her short set here. Singles In For The Kill and Bulletproof understandably drew the biggest reaction from the crowd, but the strength of her self-titled debut album was highlighted with Fascination, Reflections Are Protections and I’m Not Your Toy all genuine single contenders, alongside forgotten first short-player Quicksand.

Synths trilled, beeps bleeped and Elly’s hair product stayed solid throughout the performance. Another few of these under her belt and she might just start to relax into it too.

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