Two Door Cinema Club – Tourist History


Two Door Cinema Club produce delicate indie rock that’s a little bit woooh, a little bit waaay. As guitars twang and keyboards plink (for that’s what keyboards do), crowds chant lovingly in the background and happiness soars. That they’re signed to a French label just adds to their certain mystique, which says something when you remember that these are three floppy-fringed lads from Northern Ireland with some cracking hooks and zippy tunes…

Their debut album encapsulates their strengths perfectly, all dynamite guitar riffs, hazy keys and lilting, swaggering vocals that evoke the likes of Blur and Vampire Weekend. That these boys know a tune is not in doubt – witness singles I Can Talk and Undercover Martyn to know that as long as the music makes sense, it doesn’t really matter if you sing a load of old tosh. When Alex Trimble demands that we all go to the basement people, to the basement, I’d be first in the queue without asking why.

Do You Want It All? asks a pertinent question wrapped up in such cute indie-ness you want to smuggle it home with you in a blanket;  Something Good Can Work again taps into what makes arty indie work and You’re Not Stubborn shows they’ve been listening to Big Country’s back catalogue of late. Live and in the flesh this lot impress too, showing that their frantically plucked rhythms and soaring vocals aren’t just studio-tweaked moments but actually the real thing. These are three boys in love with their sound and it’s infectious – we dare you not to listen and feel the same way.

Two Door Cinema Club’s Tourist History is out now.

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