Will Young – Let It Go


And so we come to Will’s fourth album (third if you discount the Pop Idol schmaltz of his first effort, which you really should). And with the advent of his fourth album, cue many commentators unveiling the fact that Will is morphing into George Michael. I beg to differ. Sure they’re both gay and both still (bafflingly) whip straight women into a frenzy, but that’s where the similarity ends. And frankly, I don”t see Will getting caught with his pants down in a public loo anytime soon – he’s far too discreet for that…

I digress. Will’s fourth outing is entitled Let It Go, referring to the relationship breakdown he suffered around the time of this recording. Said album is duly stuffed with songs of lost love, recrimations and regrets, kicking off with first single Changes, where will laments his current situation: “I don’t have much so there’s nothing much to lose.” It’s a sassy number nevertheless which showcases Will’s flawless vocals, which is the key element that lifts this album above the rest of the pack.

There’s no great departures on Let It Go: if you’ve heard Will’s last two albums, you’ll know what to expect. A couple of surefire hits – Changes and Grace; a couple of soulful ballads – Disconnected and Let It Go; and a couple of jazz-soul-lite numbers – I Won’t Look Down and Are You Happy. It’s not revolutionary, but the arrangements along with the honesty in Will’s lyrics and vocals carry it through. It’s pop and proud, although for our money, a few more ‘shoe-be-do-wah-shoe-be-do-wah’ moments wouldn’t have gone amiss – but we don’t think Will was really in the mood for more upbeat numbers. Perhaps the odd police bust or two would push Will’s music to the next level…

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