Jackson: Back From The Dead

Michael Jackson – gone but not forgotten. Actually not all that gone it seems, do keep up. Even though he’s been underground for 18 months, the King of Pop is releasing a new album – Michael –  in December, with a track Breaking News currently streaming for your listening pleasure on his website…

It seems death is no obstacle to a recording career these days – especially when Brand Jacko still has so much more to give. To this end, Jacko’s people have been rifling through his not-yet-released recordings, applied some spit and polish and have managed to cobble together a whole album of new material, whether the deceased Michael wanted this to happen or not. And all of this has happened just in time for Christmas, which is super if you’re in line for some of the cash, eh?

Breaking News is the teaser track currently being trailed on www.michaeljackson.com, and it’s breathy and paranoid as typified Jacko in his latter years. It kicks off with a mash-up of press reports about the man himself, before he yelps into four minutes of singing about himself a la Britney on Piece Of Me. It’s not great but then again, it’s not terrible either.

Whether or not Jackson was serious about his comeback tour in 2009 we’ll never know. However, it seems the people left in charge of his estate are deadly serious about his comeback in 2010.

Michael is released on December 13th. Listen to track Breaking News here.

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