Suede Live Review

Suede, Bush Hall, London – October 27th

A juicy chunk of the 90s were taken up by Brett Anderson’s dandy yelps and swagger. Fast-forward nearly 20 years and he’s at it again, flashing his nipples to a hyped crowd. Last Wednesday night saw Suede’s London comeback show at London’s intimate Bush Hall, as a tiny audience squeezed into one of London’s most elaborate venues and held its breath. After little fanfare, Anderson was on-stage hair flopping around, slowly unbuttoning his flimsy shirt with every track. It felt like they’d never been away…

As to why they’re back – well, that’s a bigger question. Be it money, fame or doing it one more time, one thing Suede have always had is a glorious live show and nothing’s changed in the intervening years. The quintet arrived and launched straight into their blistering set, This Hollywood Life kicking things off closely followed by the high-octane trinity of Trash, Filmstar and Animal Nitrate which got the crowd pogoing and wholly loosened up. The heart-wrenching Pantomime Horse followed, trailed by early yarns My Insatiable One and The Drowners before the band thundered into the later territory of Coming Up.

Throughout, Suede played with passion, Richard Oakes sweating for his craft and Simon Gilbert hitting the sticks for all they were worth. Thrilling frontman Anderson, meanwhile, dipped in and out of the crowd throughout the set  – that’s when he wasn’t hurling himself around the stage flashing his rakish, hairless chest. Truly, they don’t make them like this anymore.

The final act saw the likes of Metal Mickey, ode to heroin So Young and the beautiful The Wild Ones strut by, the set rounded off by New Generation and Beautiful Ones. With every track I decided this was my favourite – right until the next song turned up. As with any great band, that’s just the way it should be. If you’re seeing them at the 02 in December, keep your ticket safe.

Suede’s The Best Of Suede is out this week.

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