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This week’s Singles Club has a select band of fresh singles for your perusal featuring country, urban, indie and dance. Join us in being cosmopolitan right now…

The Streets – Going Through Hell

If there had been no Mike Skinner, there would probably have been no Professor Green or Example – so right now we’re not sure whether to slap him or let him off. After listening to this single however, we’ll take the second route – this is vintage Streets, a bawdy brew that sounds laddy but is also shot through with canny lyrics. The single’s lifted from The Streets’ final album Computers And Blues (due out next week) and The Music’s Robert Harvey weighs in with the good advice chorus, although better dentistry for both would clearly be an improvement. We’ll miss them when they’re gone.

B.O.B. – I’ll Be In The Sky

B.o.B. – or Bobby Ray Simmons Jnr to his mum – is another of that popular breed in mainstream pop: a singer and rapper who also dabbles in producing. You’ll probably know him from Airplanes – he could use a wish right now etc – but for his new single he dazzles in a Persil-white suit, banging a piano with this slice of Outkast-alike gospel-pop. This is seriously upbeat – we dare you to try listening without slapping your thigh but it’s nigh on impossible. We wanted to dislike this but we don’t. Epic fail. Watch it here

Metronomy – She Wants

Proving that coming from Totnes in Devon should be no barrier to slicing into the lucrative electro-indie market, Metronomy’s new single is a smartly downbeat number (think The XX) with a video so deliciously arty it’s all we can do not to applaud. Cool kids abound as does slo-mo and ticker tape, all set to a track that makes you want to clear your desk, lie on top of it and immerse yourself in the music and nothing else. Yes, it’s that great.

Sugarland – Stuck Like Glue

Sugarland are a duo who need no introduction in the US of A where there new country sound can be heard bounding from radio dials up and down the land. Of course, in the UK where country is squeezed into a five-minute weekly segment on Radio 2 things are a little different. If you’re not sure whether new country is your thang then have a watch of this and gauge whether or not the kidnapping, force-feeding of cake, the Beyonce take-off and that bit where they go ‘uh-oh uh-oh’ make you do a tiny bit of sick in your mouth. If so, this uber-catchy tune and hilarious video probably aren’t for you.

Hercules And Love Affair – My House

Hercules And Love Affair’s first album was a gorgeous mash of wonky synths and nu-disco beats with vocals spooned lovingly over the top by a selection of artists – some in residence, some just swooping in for a single track. Turns out that formula wasn’t broke, so they’ve recreated it for this single, taken from new album Blue Songs. My House has the power to transport you directly back to 1992 whether you like it or not, with all the correct house music gubbins present and correct: funky bassline, catchy riff, cracking vocal and the odd clap to keep you guessing. That the video seems to have been styled on The Hitman And Her doesn’t hurt either – this is a band back to form.

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