The Lesbian Book Club With Emma Nichols

Welcome to episode 35 of the Lesbian Book Club where I interview fellow UK author Emma Nichols. Emma’s debut novel Finding You was released in July, and her follow up Remember Me just two weeks later. Both books shot to the top of the charts all around the globe at breathtaking speed and Emma talks about her runaway success and how she managed it, along with the transition from writing non-fiction to making her mark in the fiction-writing world. That, and we also discuss the frankly bonkers amount of booze her characters drink!

As usual, I also do a run-down of the Amazon Lesbian Fiction charts in the US & UK, as well as talking about the upcoming Diva Literary Festival in Birmingham on Nov 3rd-5th. Get your tickets now and I’ll see you there! Plus, I chat about Louise Wallweim’s new book of poetry and performance piece, Glue, out now and on stage at the Ovalhouse in London from October 3rd-7th. My next novel Twice In A Lifetime is out late October – let me know who you’d like on the podcast at:



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