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32 thoughts on “Get Exclusive Free Stuff When You Sign Up!”

  1. Loved both it books this London love had me on the edge of my seat could not put it down. Can’t wait to read more from you

  2. Although I got the bonus chapter for the Christmas book…and enjoyed reading it… “Once Upon A Caravan” never made it to my Kindle? Not sure how to fix the problem?

  3. I have just finished London calling and loved it, I’m about to download This London love.
    I unbelievably had never, until very recently, read lesbian literature I can’t believe what I’ve been missing. I’ve read many of them recently yours being the latest and I can’t wait to start your next one. I’m recommending this one to my wife.
    Thanks for a wonderful book.

  4. Thanks Emma, welcome to the world of lesfic. But be warned, it’s pretty addictive! So glad you enjoyed London Calling, it holds a special place in my heart. And if you’re a fan of the season, my new book All I Want For Christmas should get you into the festive spirit too! Hope you enjoy This London Love. Take care, Clare. x

  5. Hi have just finished all I want for Christmas and then subscribed but I never got the free chapter come through

  6. Trying to sign up for the newsletter Clare, having long been a book fan of yours and twitter-chum, however it’s not sending me my ‘click a link’ email 🙁

  7. Have just finished reading Nothing to Lose found it hard to put down, which is th same with all your books I have read. I clicked on get the extra chapter as I hate when the books finish, cos life doesn’t finish there, but have not recieved so feeling very frustrated at the moment.

  8. Hi Chris – I’ve just sent out the link to you – hope you enjoy & thanks for reading! Clare. x

  9. Thanks so much, Richard, glad you’re enjoying the books! Hope you enjoy the rest, too! Take care, Clare. x

  10. Perhaps it is my ancestry, but this Oregonian thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Scarlet and Joy. Thanks for the journey.

  11. Thanks for the wonderful journey yet again!
    I have read all your previous books and subscribed to your email but I don’t have any of the bonus chapters!
    Please help this distressed fan!!!

  12. Hey Gill – thanks for stopping by! I’ve sent you an email with the links to all the bonuses – hope you enjoy! Take care, Clare. x

  13. I’ve tried to subscribe twice but the confirmation email still hasn’t arrived. Any chance you could send it manually?
    Just finished reading ‘nothing to lose’. It was great. Looking forward to reading more from your collection.

  14. Hi Jenn – I’ve sent the link to your address – hope you enjoy! Take care, Clare. x

  15. hi i am not able to get the downloads to ‘nothing to lose’. could you please email tge extras for me? thank you.

  16. I absolutely loved this book (Nothing To Lose)! This is the first book of your’s that I have read, but it definitely won’t be the last! Thank you so much – I can’t wait to read more of your books!

  17. Thanks Traci, so pleased you enjoyed Nothing To Lose. Hope you go on to read more and love them, too! Take care, Clare. x

  18. Hi, just read all I want for Christmas but can’t seem to be able to download the bonus chapter. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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