Everyday Writing Inspiration


A few weeks ago, I put the finishing touches to the first draft of book three – it’s called book three as I’m still deciding on the title. This next book is the follow-up to London Calling, the story of Jess’s flatmate Kate and her search for love in modern-day London. When you finish a first draft, there’s always a moment of elation, a big sigh of relief, but then the thought – what’s next? Getting inspiration for your next story is paramount and that means getting out there and experiencing life in all its glory…
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James Blunt Interview

Three years since his last album, James Blunt has spent the last year locked in a studio writing and recording with the likes of Ryan Tedder and Steve Robson. Now he’s back with new album Some Kind Of Trouble and new single Stay The Night. We caught up with the man himself recently to talk music, his jetset life style and the fact that the Atlantic Records reception has James Blunt-branded tissues scattered all around. “I think I’ll grab some, just so when I’m old I can show my grandchildren just how crazy life was…”

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Have You Seen James Blunt’s New Look?

Remember James Blunt? He of the army background? Bit beardy, always hanging out with supermodels, high-pitched? Well, it seems our James has been to see a stylist and come out the other end of the shampoo and set with some Lego hair and JLS stylings. Now we’re not saying that we don’t approve, it’s just that a brief show of the above photo had ladies frowning and exclaiming ‘that’s never James Blunt!’ Well ladies, it really is. Honest. James is unveiling his new look to go along with his fresh-faced single Stay The Night, taken from new album Some Kind Of Trouble – listen to the new single by reading on…

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