2015: Ten Things I Learned

Brighton Pride 2015
Me hosting the Brighton Pride Literature tent.

Farewell then, 2015. You’ve been immense. If I had to describe you in three words, I’d say challenging, rewarding and fattening (the life of a writer doesn’t involve a whole lot of moving). But I’ve learned so much, sold a stack of lesbian romance books and I plan to build and grow on that success in the coming year. 2015 was the year I started to take writing seriously. In doing so, I guaranteed that 2015 was without a doubt my busiest year yet. And being busy means you learn stuff – stuff like this…

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Taylor Swift & Me: Separated At Birth?


I’ve been a fan of Taylor Swift far longer than it’s been cool to be one. I was there for the country era, Love Story, Fearless and the Red album. And this week, I got to thinking about how alike we actually are. Don’t believe me? Apart from our shared love of a white top, here are ten reasons why Taylor & I would be surefire best buddies…
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