Books About Town


Like books? Like sitting down? Then you’re going to love the National Literary Trust’s latest art project, Books About Town. The NLT has commissioned 50 book benches based on authors across the ages, magicked into being by artists from around the globe. Trip around London from now until September and there are 50 to sit down on, ranging from Dr Zeuss to Charles Dickens, Bridget Jones to Virginia Woolf. As 11 of them are lounging in my home borough of Greenwich, I decided to track a few down…

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Royal Greeeenidge: Walk This Way

Canary wharf

Most days, so long as it’s not raining slantways into my eyeballs, I like to go for a walk along the river Thames or through Royal Greenwich Park. Not because I’m posh but because they’re both within a 10-minute walk of my front door. I might not be posh but I am lazy. Walking slows the constant whir of my brain, stopping it getting too outsized for my head or scaring passers-by with its volume. Or at least that’s what I read on the internet so it must be true… Continue reading » “Royal Greeeenidge: Walk This Way”