Top Ten Resurrections


Today is Easter Sunday, a time to be happy, luxuriate in chocolate and for some, a time to celebrate the second coming. But it’s not just Jesus who’s got the monopoly on that resurrection gig – there are plenty of other things in life that have been resurrected, some to great applause, others not so much. So to celebrate, here’s my Easter Sunday Resurrection Top Ten…
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Take That – Progress Live DVD

Stuck for a Christmas present for that special woman/gay man in your life? Then Take That have the answer. The DVD of their record-breaking Progress tour comes out next month and we’ve got a sneak peak of what you can expect – namely, enormous crowds, Robbie over-egging the pudding and a general aura of world-conquering greatness. Whether or not Mr Williams will stick around for the next tour is anyone’s guess – but for now, watch in wonder…

Take That’s Progress Live DVD is out on November 21st.

Take That – Kidz

Take That’s second single from Progress sees them go all period drama, albeit the period is Mad Max-meets-Babylon 5 – obvious when you think about it. Gary takes on the role of commander and strange as it is to say, amid the bling and dust Gary takes to the role with swarthy, husky aplomb – whoever thought we’d say that about Meester Barlow? Elsewhere, Jason and Howard take their beard-growing responsibilities to extremes, Robbie does his trademark grin and Mark shows off a haircut that transports him directly back to the Smash Hits Pollwinners Party, circa 1995. I miss Smash Hits. In the end, this video is yet another sign that Take That are turning into Queen slowly but surely, with the track itself being a glam-rock opus that’s an instant earworm. It’s only a matter of time before the curlers and fishnets come out, then there really will be trouble…

Album Review: Take That – Progress

Since Robbie returned to the Take That fold, the hoopla surrounding the now fab five has spiralled further into the dizzying distance with every passing day. They thought The Circus tour was big, but Progress broke all records last week, selling ten squillion tickets in three minutes flat. And the Progress album is deemed too gold to be sent out to journalists – instead, we have to troop to offices for listening sessions under the watchful eye of grinning PRs. Things ain’t like they used to be. But then again, maybe that’s because Take That, judging from this album, ain’t what they used to be either. The Circus was a polite album, full of knees-up choruses and Barlow balladry. This time round though, with Robbie on-board, Take That have taken a giant leap into the unknown, embracing electronic wizardry, meandering lyrics, military drumbeats and chiselled production…

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Top Five Musical Resurrections


You’re nobody if you haven’t made a comeback: Blur and Spandau Ballet did it last year and last week, Suede made a pretty convincing case for theirs at the Royal Albert Hall. Plus, with Easter closing in on us this weekend, what better time is there to round up our ultimate music comebacks? Because let’s face it, Jesus is the ultimate comeback kid – if only he’d managed to churn out some rock’n’roll in between rolling rocks and rising again then he too would be included on this list. But he didn’t, so he’s not. Rather, here we’re going to round up our favourite five comebacks of recent years…

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Take That Live Review


Take That, Wembley Stadium, London – July 5th 2009

Take That have always put on a spectacular live show and Sunday night’s Wembley curtain down on their hugely successful Circus tour was no exception. Tightrope walkers, trapeze artists, tap-dancing soldiers and a giant £5m mechanical elephant were just some of the glitz slapped onto the concert facade, as the quartet paraded tunes from their two most recent albums with a sprinkling of older hits scattered amongst them. In such a huge arena where most fans were miles away the group also managed to plonk a party atmosphere on the Wembley pitch and its surrounds, ensuring that we all went away smiling, if still a little perplexed as to what the point of the elephant was exactly…

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