Top Ten Resurrections


Today is Easter Sunday, a time to be happy, luxuriate in chocolate and for some, a time to celebrate the second coming. But it’s not just Jesus who’s got the monopoly on that resurrection gig – there are plenty of other things in life that have been resurrected, some to great applause, others not so much. So to celebrate, here’s my Easter Sunday Resurrection Top Ten…

10: Michael Phelps

The most decorated Olympian ever, Michael Phelps announced recently that he’s coming out of retirement and making a comeback in the pool. But will the water machine who ingests a zillion calories a day still have what it takes to compete at the highest level? The world will be watching.

9: Rob Lowe

From 80s Brat Pack heartthrob to sex tape scandal, it looked like Rob Lowe’s career was dead and buried in 1988 after the leaked tape put him in a compromising position with a minor. But Lowe is made of sterner stuff and slowly began picking up film cameos, before completing his comeback by landing the role of Sam Seaborne in The West Wing.

8: Cadbury’s Wispas

I ate my body weight in Wispa bars in my youth. The bubbly, silky, airy slabs of chocolate were dreamt up by clever Cadbury’s in 1981. And then one day in 2003, they disappeared. All around the country, questions were asked. And eventually, four years later after much pressure, Cadbury’s saw sense and re-introduced Wispas. Power to the people!

7: Michael Jackson

In 2009, a cash-strapped Jackson agreed to do a comeback tour, instantly making it the most eagerly awaited set of dancing and yelping ever. I was at his press conference at London’s O2 weeks before his death – he did not look the picture of health. Sure enough, halfway through rehearsals, he overdosed on a cocktail of drugs and died. Not a stellar comeback, all told.

6: The Burger

Burgers used to be the food of the underclass, but lately they’ve undergone a hugely successful renaissance. Now, you can wolf down a burger at an upmarket London joint for upwards of £20. No, seriously. Medium-rare patties in buns are now the go-to food of the hipster set.


5: Take That

I felt the hot stab of sadness when the fab five broke up in 1996, so when they announced they were reforming in 2006 I was giddy with excitement. I went to the comeback tour and fizzed with emotion. Then I went again the next year. And the next year. Then I got a bit bored. I’m a bit over Take That now, truth be told.

4: The Economy

In 2008 the economy collapsed and all around the world, people woke up to a financial nightmare. But apparently, six years later, things are on the up. Unemployment is down, the job market is picking up, the housing market is bonkers. Boom & bust anyone? Never heard of it.

3: Steve Jobs

In the early 90s it looked like Apple was dead and buried, squashed by the power of Microsoft and its Windows platform. Something needed to change, or else Apple were staring collapse in the face. Enter Mr Jobs, designer Jonathan Ives, the iMac, the iBook & the iPod and the rest is history. As turnarounds go, it’s right up there.

2: Tina Turner

Turner was 44 when she launched her solo comeback after escaping the violent clutches of her husband Ike. She laid everything on the line with her scintillating performances and 1984’s stellar comeback album Private Dancer, before going on to become a rock icon, movie star and hugely vocal advocate of women’s rights. All hail Tina.

1: Liverpool FC

When I was growing up, Liverpool won everything. It was just how it was. But the last time Liverpool won the league was in 1990. Today, they are just four wins from winning the title again, and every true football fan (and non-Man Utd supporter) would love them to do it for Steven Gerrard. Will they hold their nerve and provide this year’s greatest resurrection tale of all?

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