London Calling Does London


My debut novel London Calling is set in London – the clue’s in the name, right? To me, London is the greatest city in the world, bursting with character, characters, love and life. Tired of London, tired of life? Never a truer word spoken. So to celebrate, I thought I’d take my book on a trip around the capital, show it some sights and get it to meet new people. It had a great time…

At the London Eye, this lovely lady modelled London Calling beautifully…london-eye

On the Southbank, the book nestled amongst the graffitti and skateboarders.


Outside Waterloo station, it thought about hiring a Boris bike…

bike rack

Westminster and Big Ben were close by…


We waved at the blokes in the big hats at Buckingham Palace…


Hung out with the lions in Trafalgar Square…


We braved the crowds at Piccadilly Circus…


Got chatting to some old fellas…


Met some people in our hometown of Greenwich…



And finally, exhausted, chilled on a post box.


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8 thoughts on “London Calling Does London”

  1. Brilliant blog andbself promoting. Love your sense of humour. Like mine very dry.
    Carry on the good work.

  2. Nice reminder of London. I visited it once, liked it, wouldn’t want to live there, as big towns scare me, but visiting it in a book would be nice.

  3. Thanks for the comment Svetla. I love London, but understand it’s not some people’s cup of tea. Reading my book is a far easier way of connecting with it, and less chance of tube strikes too. Hope you enjoy! Clare

  4. Fantastic Book – absolutely loved it 🙂 Great to see London again. It’s a year since I’ve been there and I’m missing it 🙁 I love sitting in Hyde Park on a sunny day watching the swans. Looking forward to your next book Clare!

  5. Thanks Aoife, really glad you enjoyed it! There’s been a wealth of sunny days to enjoy London this summer too. Next book due in November! Take care, Clare.

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