The Lesbian Book Club with Kate Christie

Welcome to episode 34 of the Lesbian Book Club as I interview US author Kate Christie who’s written many books including Training Ground, Game Time, In The Company Of Women and Gay Pride And Prejudice. Her books take in romance, the army, and soccer, and in this interview we get the nitty gritty on Kate’s writing style, the low down on why she took on the Jane Austen classic, and how she thinks writing lesbian fiction is a political act in today’s climate.

As usual, I also do a run-down of the Amazon Lesbian Fiction charts in the US & UK, as well as talking about the upcoming Diva Literary Festival in Birmingham on Nov 3rd-5th. Get your tickets now and I’ll see you there! Plus, I reveal the title of my next novel – Twice In A Lifetime – as well as announcing the successful launch of my audiobook of Nothing To Lose which has hit the best-seller charts on Audible in the UK and the US!  If you would like a free review code for Audible US or UK, get in touch and let me know:

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