Kylie – All The Lovers

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Christina Aguilera – Not Myself Tonight

She’s had a break to pop out a baby, but now Christina is back and she realises it ain’t just Britney she’s up against these days – GaGa is now the reigning queen of ladypop. Can Xtina compete? The jury’s still out, but she’s doing her darnest here with a new video which splices up bondage, faux-lesbianism and a not insignificant amount of bare flesh. The result? A titillating three minutes with of screentime but nothing that she hasn’t done better before – the Diirty video is still a classic and didn’t seem to be trying to whip up as much controversy as this. Still, as Christina should know, girl-on-girl is de rigeur these days and Rihanna and GaGa have already ploughed the bondage furrough. Looking beyond the video, the track is solid but it ain’t no Pokerface or Womanizer. We await the album Bionic on June 8th to see her next move.

Hot Chip – I Feel Better

Everybody’s favourite nerds turn up the twisted factor in their new video as a new pop hero vapourises the latest boyband on the block with some scarily static breath. Who knows what it all means, but Hot Chip’s latest certainly raised a smile on our lips, proving that whatever your size, a white suit is the answer to all your fashion quandaries…

Hot Chip’s I Feel Better is out on April 19th.

Singles Club

More... Livvi Frank – Automatik

I loved Livvi Frank’s last effort Now I’m That Bitch – her personality was a gust of fresh air in anane breeze of RnB guff. This is her next single and we still reckon she’s flying the flag for slick, R&B pop the like of which Britney would go offroad for – give it a listen and you’ll be humming it for days. It has an infectious hook and Livvi showing off strong thigh muscles as well as doing squats with some added shapes – or dancing as it’s more commonly known. She also hugs herself well which is an essential skill for a pop star.

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Black Eyed Peas – Rock That Body

Why make a music video that lasts three minutes when you can make one that lasts more than ten? That’s obviously the thought of the Black Eyed Peas, those intrepid chart-botherers who are back with their fourth single from the all-conquering The E.N.D., entitled Rock That Body. In it, after tells the others that their services will soon be performed by machines, Fergie slumps off with the hump and then all manner of sci-fi epic ensues featuring hovercars, aliens, break-dancing robots, helium, guns galore and spacesuits. It’s all terribly hi-tec and modern, but is it real or is it all a Fergie dream a la Bobby Ewing circa 1986? I think you know the answer… Make no mistake though – this is the Peas at their epic best, with a sprawling video sitting atop a rich, immersing pop song. If you could bottle the Black Eyed Peas formula right now, you’d be as rich as them. But you’re not. Oh well!

Happy Australia Day!


Chuck another shrimp on the barbie and let’s a have a tinny for today is January 26th, the day the whole of Australia gives thanks for being from the same country as Kylie and Jason. Over the years Australia has contributed a mixed bag of artists to the international music scene, from worldwide superstars like INXS and Kylie Minogue to more homegrown heroes like Midnight Oil, Silverchair, Cold Chisel and Men At Work. Lately, Empire Of The Sun, Ladyhawke and The Veronicas have been the toast of Oz and with artists like the fabulous Gotye getting the recognition they deserve, Australia looks set to continue its work of unearthing the odd diamond in the rough. Here’s a look at some Aussie YouTube moments from then and now to celebrate Australia Day…

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