London Ever After

Amid London’s hustle, an unexpected love story begins…

Hannah Driver’s life is on the skids: single, newly jobless, and nursing ambitions of becoming a drag king that make her traditional family baulk. She’s at a crossroads.

Enter Cordy Starling, the charming and composed pianist who moves in with Hannah, and quickly becomes the nudge—or rather, full-on shove—Hannah needs to chase her dreams. The prospect of romance with Cordy twinkles on the horizon like a disco ball, promising glitter but guaranteeing chaos.

Together, they embark on a jagged journey of self-discovery, dodging family scepticism and their own reservations, as Hannah embraces her new persona, while winning over her toughest critic: herself. When Hannah and Cordy’s world merges with the cast of unforgettable characters from previous stories, it gives everyone the send-off they deserve.

London Ever After is your ticket to a generous slice of London sapphic life, and also to the party of the year. Grab a cocktail, kick back, and revel in the final story of the London Romance series!

London Ever After is out now in ebook & paperback. The audiobook will be out later this year.