Ten Reasons You Know You’re Getting Old…


Getting old isn’t just an age thing – I know people who were born 41 and have been waiting all their lives to catch up. Also just so you know, I regularly stay out past 1am without even a flicker of terror…

Ten Reasons You Know You’re Getting Old…

1. Getting a load of washing dry on the line makes it your best day ever.

2. Premiership football managers are younger than you. Even when they appear not to be.

3. You start to research good sherry.

4. Staying out past 1am terrifies you.

5. You still know all the dance moves to Rick Astley’s Never Gonna Give You Up.

6. You insist they don’t make films like Dirty Dancing anymore.

7. Tom Hanks is looking really old isn’t he?

8. Your knees have their own soundtrack.

9. You take up god or gardening. Or both.

10. You click on posts like this. Busted.

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