Top Ten Real Childhood Memories


Ah, childhood. A wondrous place with rain, soggy cake, windbreakers and your brother shoving sand in your eye. This is a blog about real childhood memories and if we’re all honest, we don’t really remember that much about our childhood now do we? Here are some lowlights from mine…

10. Opening my first child’s bank account with Barclays aged 10. It promised so much but all I got was a blue folder, passbook and a badge. Disappointing.

9. A street party when I was 6 where I was convinced one of our neighbours was a child-killer. He didn’t get me due to my cunning plan of hiding in the loo all afternoon.

8. Going sledging down Southend seafront, hitting a massive rock and nearly flying into the oncoming seafront traffic. I boo-hooed.

7. Trying horse-riding as a 10 year old. They stopped leading the horse by the reigns without telling me but they made sure they told the horse. Bang went my Olympic hopes in Dressage.

6. Perfecting the art of taping the UK Top 40 every Sunday on my specially bought recorder. My dad would always shout at me to come and wash up at the key moment.


5. Performing Squeeze’s back catalogue in our Friday afternoon entertainment slot and getting strange looks from my teachers. Apparently I was meant to like Wham!.

4. Getting my first pair of blue-and-yellow rollerboots aged 11 – I was the total schizzle. Right up until the point when I put them on, rolled out into our side alley and fell flat on my face. “Roller disco? Can’t, busy playing Buckeroo.”

3. Making coconut ice and nearly sending myself into a diabetec coma with the amount of sugar involved. The perfect Saturday for a 4 year old.

2. Getting run over by a bike when I was 3. The trees jumped up and down as my mum ran with me in her arms. I had 8 stitches in my forehead and still have the Harry Potter-esque scar today.

1. Being so jealous of my friend Jo’s Soda Stream but styling it out like I didn’t care. I did though – I was desperate to get busy with the fizzy as much as the next kid.

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