Indie Author Fair 2015


A recent survey of the British public put being an author as the number one profession in the land – and over the past year, I’ve transformed into exactly that, putting out two books, with a third on the way. But being an author can be a lonely profession, which involves long stints sat alone at your keyboard making things up. So when I got the chance to take part in the Independent Author Fair at Foyles this month, I was cock-a-hoop! A chance to meet readers and other authors? Count me in…

And my, what a day it was – the best of times and yes, the best of times! The Indie Author Fair was part of IndieRecon, an online conference in association with the Alliance Of Independent Authors. After a riveting final Friday, the culmination of the conference was the Indie Author Fair, where authors and readers got to chat and discover new books. And from the off, it was a carnival of inspiration, motivation, never-ending wine and canapés!

The Indie Author Fair placed the author as market trader, selling their wares to the public. I slapped on a smile and chatted with a host of potential new readers, who were all keen to stop and know more, which was blinkin’ marvellous. Without the power of a major publisher behind you, reaching a new audience is the goal for indie authors – and the Indie Author Fair delivered brilliantly.


But beyond that, it was also a real treat to be in Foyles’ flagship bookshop selling my novels – I was immensely proud. Plus, if you could bottle the upbeat energy in that room and sell it, you’d make a mint. After visiting The London Book Fair and hearing much indie author bashing, it was brilliant to soak up and add to the enthusiasm and gung-ho attitude of all the authors and readers present. We’re living proof that publishing is changing and only for the better.

Thanks to everyone who came along and supported. Thanks to all the readers who stopped to chat, to take a toffee, to sign my mailing list and to buy a book. Thanks to all the authors I had the pleasure of meeting. And thanks to Triskele Books for organising the whole shabang. I’m still buzzing from the event, and hope to be able to repeat it soon!

My books, London Calling and The Long Weekend, are out now. My third novel, This London Love, will be out this summer. Sign up to my mailing list or blog to never miss another update!