I’m A Diva Magazine Crossword Clue!


And that title is a sentence I never thought I’d write, believe me! But thanks are due to one of my lovely readers, Bev, who alerted me to the fact that I was indeed a Diva magazine crossword clue in the most recent issue!

At first I thought, “Don’t be silly, it must be another Clare.” Perhaps Clare Balding (bit more famous than me). Perhaps the other fab and super-popular lesbian romance author, Clare Ashton? Bound to be.

I questioned my validity to be a crossword clue. But then Bev kindly pointed out that the answers were in the bottom right-hand corner of the page… and that yes, in fact, I was the answer. The answer was me. I am one down. The clue was ‘popular lesbian romance novelist, Clare’, and the answer was ‘Lydon’. Well I’ll be gosh-darned.

I’ve since put the crossword and said clue onto Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and all my friends and family were suitably wowed. Some of my author friends have even stated that this is their new goal in life – to be a crossword clue in a relevant magazine to their genre.

But don’t worry, I’m not getting carried away. I won’t let such crossword fame go to my head, and my feet are firmly placed on the ground. But you know what? It’s pretty thrilling being a crossword clue, even though I know it’s one person who knows me well enough to put me in. Still, one person does. I’m chuffed to know I’m a teeny-tiny bit famous-ish. Sort of. If you tilt your head and squint.