All I Want For Christmas Hits USA Today!

All I Want For Christmas cover

All I Want For Christmas is the first lesbian romance where I truly embraced farce. It’s a romantic comedy at heart – my favourite genre – but it’s also where I stepped up the cringe-worthy farce factor, putting Tori Hammond through the wringer on her way to finding love. I defy you read the book and not laugh out loud, but also cringe out loud!

I wrote the novel three years ago, but it’s a book that’s stood the test of time, and one that’s read all year round – but particularly so at Christmas. This year, it’s also had the honour of starring in some Best Queer Holiday Reads blogs, which makes me truly happy – one of them affiliated to USA Today! I know.

Here’s what Happy Ever After, the USA Today blog had to say about the book:

“This friends-to-lovers swoonfest is everything hilarious, sweet and loving, and watching Tori and her dates is a true delight as these ladies really do run the gamut of normal to … not so much. Equal parts hilarious and tender, this is one winter read that will skyrocket to the top of your list as Tori finally comes to terms with the love that has been right there waiting all along.” Which I think is lovely, I’m sure you’ll agree! Read the whole blog here.

Meanwhile, over at the blog of the UK’s Romantic Novelists’ Association, Eleanor Harkstead also singled out All I Want For Christmas as its best lesbian festive read, which I’m cockahoop about! Here’s what she had to say:

“Taking the title from top diva Mariah Carey’s seasonal classic, the novel tells the story of Tori, who has decided to find a girlfriend to spend Christmas with. This is not quite as easy as it seems – not only is she beset by a string of terrible dates (including a sex scene which is as hilarious as it is mortifying), but the first girl she ever kissed has reappeared in her life – and is about to get married. Although not to Tori. Cue London filled with festive lights, an afternoon of ice-skating at Somerset House, and finding love where you least expect to find it. All I Want For Christmas is guaranteed to put you in the festive mood faster than donning a terrible jumper and trying to remember the lyrics to Little Donkey.” I couldn’t have said it better myself. Read the whole blog here.

All I Want For Christmas was my stab at emulating one of the Hallmark Christmas movies I so love this time of year, so I’m glad it still resonates with readers. If you want to read it, head here!

All I Want For Christmas is the start of the All I Want series that follows one couple through the first year of their relationship. Read the lot today!