All I Want Series Rebranded!

It’s the first day of June, nearly halfway through the year, so it seems apt that I’ve finally done something I’ve been planning for the past 18 months – I’ve rebranded my All I Want series! I’m thrilled with the new look, and I hope you love it, too. Inside, the books are smart, young, funny & sexy, and I wanted a look that reflected that. I think my cover designer has done a fabulous job with this one…

The All I Want series covers the first two years of one couple’s relationship. Six warm and hilarious books chart Tori & Holly’s relationship, from their first hook-up, their first weekend away, summer prides and the first true test to their relationship. Fresh & full of wit, it’s still a series I’m very proud of, even over three years after I penned the final word on this tale of lesbian romance.

In 2020, Holly & Tori are hitting 30, and their twins would now be three years old. I bet lockdown is driving them mad. I also bet they’re doing PE with Joe every day.

If you haven’t ventured into their world, I hope you give it a try. The story kicks off with All I Want For Christmas, then cycles through Valentine’s, Spring, Summer, Autumn and finally All I Want Forever. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll go on a journey. And now, you can do it while admiring their pretty new covers. Click here to read more.