Top Tips: Get A Professional Cover

It’s true what they say, people really do judge a book by its cover. You’ve done the hard work writing it in the first place, so don’t stop there. Go the extra mile and get a professional cover. The good news? Professional covers don’t have to cost the earth. Read on for more…

If you can afford it, get a bespoke original cover from a professional. I pay £200 for my covers, and that price includes ebook, print and audiobook. Personally, I think that’s a bargain. You can pay a lot more, you can pay less. Shop around, and if you can’t afford a bespoke cover, get one from the many pre-made cover sites out there. I’ve used all of the below pre-made cover sites, and they’re great. Kevin at Book Covers Online also designed most of my book covers bespoke.

Whether you pay hundreds or get a bargain pre-made cover, the key thing is to get one that suits your genre. If you’re writing lesbian romance, make sure the cover has a romantic vibe, with appropriate colours and fonts. Think two hearts, two hands or perhaps female silhouettes, along with rich colours like pink, sky blue or orange, paired with swirly fonts.

The best advice is to make it looks like the other covers in your genre. Don’t try to stand out, because readers won’t understand your book. Covers are shorthand that tell readers what to expect. Remember, your cover is likely to be viewed as a thumbnail on a Kindle or a phone. Don’t get lost in tiny details. Make sure your cover screams lesbian romance at a glance.