The Lesbian Book Club: Final Episode!

Welcome to episode 73 of the Lesbian Book Club, which is the final episode ever! But have no fear, I sign off in style with my usual run-down of the Amazon Lesbian Fiction Charts in the US & UK, along with a round-up of must-read festive lesbian fiction if you’re in the Christmas mood.

For the interview section, I put myself in the hot seat, revealing my take on 2021, along with my plans for 2022. I might be stopping this podcast, but I plan to fill my time writing more lesbian romance novels, producing more audiobooks and getting my stories translated around the globe.

If you still want to hear my dulcet tones in your ears, I do a weekly podcast called Lesbians Who Write where myself and TB Markinson chat writing & lesbian fiction. You can find out more about it by clicking here.

Thank for listening to this podcast, and do go back and check out all 73 episodes I’ve recorded if you want more!