The Lesbian Book Club with Cheyenne Blue

Welcome to episode 44 of the Lesbian Book Club as I interview Australian author Cheyenne Blue whose recent books include Code Of Conduct, Party Wall and Almost Married Mona. Cheyenne talks about her love of tennis which shines through in her latest novel set in the tennis world, how living in Australia influences her writing, and how she juggles a day job while still getting out at least two books a year.

As usual, I also do a run-down of the Amazon Lesbian Fiction charts in the US & UK, as well as updating you on my writing life. For audio fans, Once Upon A Princess will be out in audio in October!


The Long Weekend On Sale!

The Long Weekend

For this week only until September 24th, my second novel The Long Weekend is on sale in the UK, US, Canada & Australia at Kindle, iTunes and Kobo. Buy it now for just 99p or 99c!

Here’s the story:

When nine old friends reunite for a weekend at the charming English seaside, their complicated personal lives lead to laughs as well as drama. Can the women all find the happy endings they deserve? A captivating novel about friendship and love.

If you fancy grabbing your copy, here are the links:

Amazon UK
Amazon US
Amazon Canada
Amazon Australia

Happy reading and thanks for your support!


The Lesbian Book Club with Lee Winter

In episode 18, I interview lesfic writer Lee Winter who released her debut novel The Red Files just seven short months ago back in September 2015. The book has received a ton of lavish praise and a truckload of gushing reviews online as well as making it into the finals for the Lamba Literary Awards. In this interview, Lee reveals how she stumbled into writing, how she penned the book on Sundays only, chats about her future plans and her next book, due out this summer. 

As usual, I also do a run-down of the Amazon lesbian fiction charts for the US and the UK, talk about the Lambda Literary finalists, as well as chatting about my new release, All I Want For Spring. Get in touch and let me know who you’d like as a guest on the show:


Top Ten Reasons To Love Australia


Yesterday was Australia Day: the 24 hours where our antipodean friends chuck their shrimps on their barbies, cram as many TimTams in their mouths as possible before showering in Toohey’s New. True story. For us poms however, Australia has a huge influence on our lives for the other 364 days of the year too via their television, their food & drink, their celebs and their culture. Oh, and Wanted Down Under. So today, let’s have a belated celebration of all things Aussie… Continue reading » “Top Ten Reasons To Love Australia”


The Ashes Heat Up


This week I’ve been watching some Ashes cricket – I’m staring at it right now in fact. Currrently England are teetering on collapse – classic test match cricket apparently, keeping it interesting. Or they’ve turned into the England football team, depending on your point of view. Coming into this Australia were apparently a bunch of mugs, with cackling English commentators predicting they might not even make it to day three. Now they’re wondering if England will make it to day three and not looking quite so smug… Continue reading » “The Ashes Heat Up”