The Most Depressing Day Of The Year


Hello and welcome to the Most Depressing Day Of The Year ™. Until the next one that is. But for now, it’s time to revel in today’s utter depressingness, sink back into its soft underbelly of misery, rub your face in its dark, downy despair. Ready to join me in a tip-top January funk? Continue reading » “The Most Depressing Day Of The Year”


The Ashes Heat Up


This week I’ve been watching some Ashes cricket – I’m staring at it right now in fact. Currrently England are teetering on collapse – classic test match cricket apparently, keeping it interesting. Or they’ve turned into the England football team, depending on your point of view. Coming into this Australia were apparently a bunch of mugs, with cackling English commentators predicting they might not even make it to day three. Now they’re wondering if England will make it to day three and not looking quite so smug… Continue reading » “The Ashes Heat Up”